Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suck it up

I have so much to blog about, but the only time I can really blog is when both girls are asleep, which does happen, but when it does, I'm likely to be asleep too!

We've survived another week.

Hannah is a very noisy sleeper. It took me awhile to figure out she's not choking or drowning in snot, she is just very loud. So now I can tune it out until I hear her really asking to eat. I still don't get why she isn't a noisy sleeper during the day, or why she'll sleep 4 hour stretches during the day and only 3 at night, but overall she's pretty good so I can't complain.

She's also a sucker. I fought giving her a pacifier but the poor girl just wants something to suck on. So I caved. I hate it. But she loves it. To me, it's just one more thing to remember to take, and one more thing to lose. And they cover up cute faces and hide sweet smiles. Oh well.

I took the girls shopping Friday by myself and they did great. I had a fleeting moment where I thought to myself that I might actually be getting the hang of things.

Even though I'm dog tired all the time, I'm really trying to enjoy this time. I remember how fast it went with Summer, and I know one day I'll wish she was teeny tiny again. This stage doesn't last forever, and I know one day I'll get to sleep again, so I'm trying to just love every minute.

Summer's been great, too. She's learning sooo much everyday. New words all the time. Some I don't know where the heck she learned them. I was nursing Hannah on the couch and Summer points to my chests and exclaims "BOOB!" Where in the world did she learn that word? I have no idea. Actually, I have a guess, and his name starts with "D" and ends in "errick".

She's been pretty funny lately as well. At Comet Cafe last weekend she pulled this little stunt:

She never ceases to entertain us!

I'll try and be a better blogger. Part of my problem is my Live Writer isn't working, so I have to go to blogger and blog, which is such a hassle now that I'm used to using Live Writer!


Anonymous said...

I hate it when the pacifier falls on the ground and you have no way to clean it off.


Lara said...

Oh, just you wait until Summer pulls her dress over her head in primary!!! That is the BEST.

I hated that pacifier. But it was the only one Carson would take and he LURVED it. Seriously. Sometimes you gotta give them what makes them happy. Even if it's butt ugly!


Nikki said...

I agree with you on the pacifier thing. Hattie loves that one too and it is just so big! You will get through this stage. I seriously thought that Hattie was sick all the time because she TOO is a noisy sleeper. You are so much more positive than I am...I like that. I need that.
I already miss having a new new baby.
Keep up the good work Karen!

Melissa said...

I love that picture of Summer! She is a doll! Okay, so what is this Live Writer?

wackywilsons said...

Man, you make some Cute cute cute babies! You totally will get the hang of this thing called motherhood...well, you will for a few hours or days, and then you'll have a meltdown like the rest of us! LOL