Friday, September 10, 2010

One month!

I can hardly believe it’s already been a month since Hannah was born! I have a feeling time is only going to go by faster and faster from here on out. So sad. I have been really enjoying her though. Like, holding her and just looking at her and loving having a newborn. I just love her to bits and think she’s the cutest. Of course, I’m biased. :)


At her one month appointment on Tuesday she weighed in at 8 lb 3 oz (a whole pound LESS than Summer) putting her in the 24th percentile and 20” long in the 15th percentile. So she’s still a little thing. But she got a clean bill of health and is doing great.

She is such a sweet girl. She hardly fusses and pretty much still sleeps a lot. Or, tries to at least. Summer likes to “help” the swing sometimes. Or if she’s sleeping in her bouncer and her pacifier is on her chest Summer exclaims “Down!!!” and tries to put it back in her mouth. Or her eye.

She has the loudest burps I’ve ever heard from a baby.

When she really gets worked up crying, she sounds like the Count from Sesame Street. Waaaaaaa….ah, ah, ah. Can you picture it? I need to get it on video.

She is starting to sleep longer at night…sometimes 4 or 5 hour stretches. But that’s just been in the past week.

She is sooo hairy. Just like her parents. This is how I thought Summer would be, but she wasn’t. Check out the fuzz on these arms! DSC_8855

Summer really does love her sister. She is always SO concerned about the “Beeee!” If she hears her crying, or just making noises, she makes sure I hear it too. If I leave her blanket somewhere she’ll come running up to me with it or lay it on Hannah. Usually covering her face. Half my time is spent protecting Hannah from Summer’s love. Which is why I think most of the time Hannah has this look on her face: zDSC_8803

A little worried, but mostly just scared.

But look how much Summer loves her! I was taking pictures of Hannah and Summer insisted she get to be in some also. Again, notice the look of concern on Hannah’s face.   zDSC_8822

“Hey, I thought this was my photo shoot!”zDSC_8819

I’m feeling really good these days. It took awhile but I finally feel like myself again. I’m sure only getting up twice at night to feed her helps! I don’t LOOK like my old self though, and it’s grossing me out. I need to lose 15 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight from before Summer. So I bought some Jillian Michael’s workout DVDs and have been doing them. In 30 days I expect to be “shredded”, so Jillian says. We’ll see! I’m sick of wearing maternity jeans still!!! Ew!

These girls are going to be the best of buddies, I can tell. But just not today. Summer stabbed Hannah in the forehead with a fork this morning after breakfast.

We’ll get there eventually. Won’t we? 


Jessica said...

Karen, Your girls are just so beautiful. I love how big Summer's smile is holding Hannah.

Ruth said...

So cute! Summer's hair looks a lot lighter than I remember. Maybe its just the contrast with Hannah's beautiful dark hair.

Cynthia said...

Yeah Summer's hair sure got light. Did you have it highlighted?

Courtney said...

Holy Crow, I can't believe how big Summer looks next to her little sister! Super cute!

MidCityGal said...

What a gorgeous baby. Congratulations, btw! I love that dark hair and her name. So cute! Hope you're doing well.

lanni said...

your girls are such babes! isn't it crazy how your first kid turns into a giant over night and makes your second seem sooooo teensy?

and your mention of the hairyness makes me have flashbacks of byu and derrick/teenwolf. hannah can thank her daddy for that one.