Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today is Derrick’s birthday! We’ve had a fun weekend—his sister Daneise and her two gorgeous daughters Hayley and Lindsey were here visiting us. We didn’t really do anything super exciting, but we had a good time just hanging out. We did the Sprecher tour and had breakfast at the Original Pancake House (yum!) but pretty much bummed around the house and just played. We watched a couple flicks (some fell asleep…) and ate a lot of yummy junk. Oh, and we took a trip to Hobby Lobby, of course.


Today we made a birthday lunch and had cake and celebrated Derrick’s and Hayley’s (she turns 16 on Wednesday!) birthdays. And then, just like that, they were gone. So sad. We love having visitors! It was great to see them. Summer loooved having cousins to play with, and little Hannah was in heaven being held all the time. She was just content as could be being snuggled by her cousins. 

So it was a pretty laid back, low key day, but hopefully he had a good day. Veteran’s Day kind of screwed up the mail so apparently all his cards and gifts that were being sent are still not here, but he did get some candy, razor blades, and a gift certificate for a massage from us. I’m jealous!

Derrick does a bang up job at this whole parenting gig, and the girls just adore him. He’s the perfect husband for me…so supportive and tolerant and I really just have the best time with him.

Happy birthday! Love you babe!


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