Sunday, December 05, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family!

After breaking our backs last year shoveling our driveway, we knew a snow blower was  definitely in our future for this winter. We ordered it online on Black Friday and thanks to our favorite delivery service, picked it up the next day. Derrick and I put it together and tested it out a few days later and it’s a good thing, since it snowed yesterday! He took it out for its maiden voyage and had the driveway cleared lickety split!

Obviously this picture was not taken yesterday when it snowed, but the day we put it together.DSC_0088 Of course, since we bought one this year, we’re going to have record LOW snowfall levels. But better safe than frozen and sore!


Anonymous said...

that thing rocks! It looks just like ours which I love. Derrick should get a star stamp on his man-card!


Miranda said...

You guys did the right thing! You definitely won't regret it. Congrats!

Ligia said...

oooh lala! that's matt's very favorite toy. he's a huge hit with all the old ladies in the neighborhood. whenever it snows he's hittin' up every house and lucky for us, the good samaritan in him is scoring us free treats every winter :o) enjoy!

TXBRD said...