Sunday, March 06, 2011


Can’t wait to see all the pervs that find their way to this post only to be disappointed. Ha!

This past Tuesday we embarked on what I was dreading the most: potty training. I was not looking forward to pee everywhere, cleaning poop out of pants. Ugh. But we did it anyway. Summer would tell me when she was poopy and started expressing a little more interest in using the “big girl potty” so we gave it a shot.

So Tuesday morning after breakfast, she put on her brand new panties and plastic cover pants and started chugging liquids. Her first tastes of chocolate milk and apple juice (diluted) were like parties in her mouth. And within 45 minutes, she had peed through 5 pairs of underpants. I wanted to cry.

Then I realized I wasn’t having her sit long enough on the pot, so we started singing songs and reading books and she finally went! And her reward? 2 M&M’s. Wow, this girl was in heaven. But after that….no more accidents!

I cannot believe how well she’s done with it. She tells us when she needs to go, sits on her Elmo potty ring, and goes. (We still have to help her undress/dress and sit up on the toilet.) She’s even pooped on the potty! First time she did, I cried. I really did. I cried over crap.

Accidents are scarce, and usually happen when friends are over or when she gets overly excited. Like when we were dancing to “baby song” by Justin Bieber. Oh yes, Summer is a Belieber. She loves to sing along to “Baby”, and I couldn’t be more proud.

DSC_1476Changing a diaper is definitely easier and faster, but it won’t be like this forever. And goodbye expensive diapers! Now if we can just get Hannah trained….

Here’s to many trips to every bathroom we ever encounter on every trip out of the house!


The Laws said...

Hooray for Summer!! I am dreading potty training our three year old. He seams to have little to no interest. I keep reminding myself not to push it until after termination and his visits w/ mom are over-so he has less chance for relapse. Lets hope that termination comes sooner rather than later!

vanessa said...

Awesome! Good job getting her started so young. I hope she keeps loving it. Camryn is going to be three in a couple weeks and I've been battling with her potty training for months! She is just so stubborn. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes I think she'll happily go in her pants forever! Avery was super easy so I don't know what the deal is.

Lee Anne said...

Congratulations! I think potty training was the hardest thing about raising little ones. It is cute that they like to check out public bathrooms however I found it very frustrating after awhile. If I had to do it again, I would take a week to do "store training" potty training and go to the store everyday when I didn't actually have to shop and have the time to spend pretending I'm shopping. It was stressful worrying about whether on the #1,000 request to go potty it was for real or just to check out the bathroom. At the same time you can get a feel for how they look/act when they REALLY have to pee vs. if they can wait. Which is helpful when you've been waiting in a checkout line for 20 minutes and then they announce they have to go just when you start unloading your cart!!

Miriam said...

That is such a great idea to put the plastic cover over the panties....I have never even heard of that but why does't everyone do that?! No pee all over the yes please!

Patten Family said...

I know why Summer likes Bieber...cuz she's closer to him in age than you are!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a wet Donkey Dick for her and a big tongue to lick her holes