Friday, April 01, 2011

Cake stand. Not to be confused with a keg stand. They sound the same here in WI.

I love cake stands. They’re not just good for cakes, you know. Cookies, cupcakes, appetizers, decorations, etc. They’re great for adding height and interest to a table. DIY cake stands are all the rage in the craft blogosphere and I’m sure I’m the last one to join the party. I’ve been scouring thrift shops in search of the perfect base and plate. The other day I hit the jackpot. I found a white milk glass candlestick and a great plate. Did I mention I also love milk glass and blue and white???


A little glass and bead glue and voila! A new cake stand for less than $10!! And bonus: check out that awesome matching server! I love, love, love it.

 DSC_1873Now I’m on the hunt for lots of milk glass to fill my china cabinet. My friend Bryn introduced me to the blog Young House Love the other day and I haven’t stopped browsing since. I sooo wish I had the creativeness (and $$$) to make my house something like theirs. So many mismatched things that all work so perfectly together. Only in my dreams, I suppose.

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream I got engaged last night. And everyone I know was at a party to celebrate our engagement but I was so sad because I knew I was going to break it off. Weird! And I know it came from watching the TV show Mobbed last night, which is about flash mobs (which I think are totally nerdy). This guy proposed to his girlfriend using a flash mob. And even though I think they’re a weird, weird phenom, I was totally bawling through it!!

And before I get any accusations of being prego, my most annoying relative Aunt Flo is visiting, so can it!

Happy Friday!


Miriam said...

I love that! I totally love blue and white ceramics. Did you glue a glass plate to the stand first and have the decorative plate just sitting on top or is that glued onto the stand?? I want to make one now. It never even crossed my mind to make one! So genius.

KC said...

I'm sitting with my very crafty coworker and she says you can make a tiered one using a dinner, salad, and small plate with cups in between. I think it sounds like you have round 2 on your list :) I love it!