Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream come true!

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love Britney Spears. I remember the first time I had heard of her: I was walking around Downtown Disney in Orlando and saw her Baby, One More Time album cover on the side of Tower Records. Then at Grad Night at The Magic Kingdom she was performing on a little stage by the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. She was wearing yellow bike shorts and a hot pink sports bra. This was right after her alleged boob job and when she stop singing all you could hear were the chants from the crowds going “t*ts! t*ts! t*ts!” We watched for a few minutes then made our way over to watch Less Than Jake. Good times.

Anyway, despite being America’s Sweetheart turned America’s Train wreck, she’s made a pretty amazing comeback, like 3 times over. And I never stopped loving her. Sure, I prefer Oops and Toxic Britney over If You Seek Amy Britney, but she really can’t do too wrong in my book. So when I learned she was playing at Summerfest I knew we had to go.

Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nicki Minaj openend, who were pretty good. I was so excited and giddy waiting for Britney to come out, and when she came out I almost cried. Almost.

Was it the best concert I’ve ever been to? Nope. She lip synced almost all of it I’m pretty sure, but she was smokin’ hot and her dancing was fab and the sets and effects were super cool. She sang some older stuff but a lot of stuff from her new album, too.

I really regret not being able to see Michael Jackson before he died, and I feel like poor Britney is one of those people to die an untimely death as well, so I really wanted to see her in concert before that ever happens. (Which I hope doesn’t, but don’t all those child stars seem to just self destruct???)

It was an interesting crowd…I’d say the majority of the people there were my age. I don’t know what I expected…maybe a younger crowd? And a lot of dudes, too. In fact, there were 3 guys sitting right behind us in muscle tanks, who looked like they just finished their GTL for the day who knew every. single. word. And they sang every. single. word. And they would say things like, “Oh, she always does things like that!” or “Britney loves her ______”. They totally knew  and loved their Brit Brit!

I used my ancient point and shoot camera, which is held together with medical tape, so I apologize for the less than superb picture quality. DSCN1278

DSCN1272 DSCN1269 DSCN1266 

As we left Summerfest we caught a little bit of America (classy guys), Dashboard Confessional (just as whiny live), and Alkaline Trio (pretty good). I saw one guy hurl in a trashcan and plenty of thongs and mullets. That’s how you know it was a successful Summerfest!

Here’s hoping Justin Bieber makes it to Summerfest next year! He’s got a new album coming out in the fall, and that means a tour, and you better believe I’ll be there!!!


Anonymous said...

theyre called tits.
man up and just say it proper

Silvs said...

Oh man, you're such a huge dork. Ironically, that's what also makes you so awesome. Britney would be a fun show. Maybe that one should be on my list too. I would have loved to see America.

Anonymous said...

agreed. you spelled out the word boobs, but not the word t*ts.
is one really that much worse than the other?'

oh, Brit's boobs are definately fake

Karen said...

because I HATE the word tits, that's why!!!!

and yes, her boobs are def fake, but at the time it was still uncertain!

Emmy said...

Well good thing someone likes her ;)

Nikki said...

So awesome! I guess your obsessions might match mine with Taylor Swift

Anonymous said...

Motor Boat

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

does the lip syncing bother you?
Nick B

Silvs said...

Yup, Anon is still SUPER creepy.