Sunday, July 03, 2011


I have been the lamest blogger lately, and I hate it. I blame it on Harry Potter, really. See, I’m rereading all the books in the series in hopes that I’ll finish in time for the release of DH2 on July 15th. I’m only on the beginning of book 5 so I really gotta get crackin’! Anyway, I spend my evenings reading instead of on the interwebs when I would normally be blogging. So, blame it on the Harr-harry harr-harr-harcahol.

I’ve been in a rather reflective mood as of late. We are coming up on our 7 year anniversary of living in Milwaukee. I’ve never lived 7 years in one place in my entire life. I maxed out at 4 years in Florida where I went to all 4 years of high school. Having lived in more than a dozen states in my life I’m always a little stumped when people ask me where I’m from. Having lived almost a quarter of my life now in Wisconsin, if and when we ever move away I think the answer will have to be “Milwaukee” when I’m asked that question in the future. That’s crazy.

We viewed moving to Milwaukee as a new and exciting adventure and were optimistic in what our new future would hold. We have not been disappointed. We have made so many amazing friendships, many of which I know will last a lifetime. We have seen many of our friends come and go, leaving us to pursue degrees and other job offers. It gets harder and harder the longer we stay here. Having always been the one to come in go growing up, it’s interesting to be on the opposite side. Two of my very best friends are leaving Milwaukee for greener pastures and I’m honestly devastated and heartbroken. They have both seen me at my worst and still love me. I love their families and love their children as my own. These two women will never have any idea the impact they have had on me and my growth not only as a person, but as a mother as well. I love them dearly, and even though they may be far in distance, they will never be far in my thoughts. I’m sad I won’t see their faces regularly, and I’m sad Summer is losing two of her best friends.

Even though I’m losing two friends, I am so grateful to know that I still have SO many more that are here! I seriously feel bad for all of you who aren’t friends with my friends, they are the best. And if you are friends with them, then you know how awesome they are. I really have incredible girlfriends.

I think what I love so much about living here is the diversity of friends that I have. I love all of the people in our ward congregation and have made friends with so many amazing women that I never would have thought I would befriend. Professionally, I have worked with great women and even though I may not see them all the time whenever I do it’s always so good to catch up. And of course there are my Kohl’s girls, there from the beginning and will be there till the end.

I know this is some serious cheese happening, but I just had to express how blessed we’ve been. We moved far from family into the unknown, and were welcomed by the Midwest and its hospitality. And on beautiful summer nights like tonight, after watching a parade with dear friends and my precious family, I can’t help but reflect on how much our Heavenly Father has blessed us. We have a home, health, friends, family, and freedom. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Milwaukee is my home.


Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

awesome is all I can say

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Please don't ever move...Wisconsin loves you and so do I!

:) PB

DeAnn said...

I wanted Milwaukee to be my home...

Jessica said...'s easy to be friends with you Karen! You are one in a million.