Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fairest of the fair!

Probably one of my top 5 most favorite days of the year, we hit up the State Fair on Saturday! If you’ve been a long time reader of the Wet Donkey then it’s no surprise to you that I am in deep smit with the State Fair! As we walk to the car afterwards I’m already looking forward to going next year. This year was no different!

We tried most of the new foods this year including…..

The Elvis: Deep fried peanut butter cups in banana batter. Pretty good, but you couldn’t really taste any banana flavor. Still, it has peanut butter and chocolate so it gets a B-.


Deep fried bacon wrapped hot dog. Derrick’s most anticipated food. Not only does this just look a little dirty and disturbing, it was a total disappointment. A normal wiener with one piece of bacon. I could have made this at home, and for far less than $5. D-. Should have bought a corn dog instead. DSC_3751

And the highly anticipated, most talked about new food: Deep fried butter. Yes, butter. Pats of butter deep fried in what was probably some kind of wonton wrapper. Initially not so bad, until you realize you are essentially drinking melted butter and chewing on some gross dough. If you look closely you can see the butter dripping out. Ugh. C-.


Of course we got our regular fair staples as well: grilled cheese, roasted corn, flavored milk (the root beer is SO good. I was also loving the strawberry this year too), and my favorite, the cream puff!

Both girls are chugging chocolate milk!DSC_3717



Hannah couldn’t get enough of the cream puff. Congratulations, you’re officially a Wisconsinite!DSC_3764

Summer loved seeing the animals and got surprisingly close to them, despite her hesitant nature. Some cows walked in front of us and she informed us that those cows “aren’t wearing any shoes!!”DSC_3743

We rode the giant slide as a family, my first time riding since probably high school. I don’t remember it being that high…or that scary!! I may have let out a few screams…Hannah seemed to enjoy herself!


The fair is always a great place for mascot spottings! I added 3 more to the collection!

This Beef guy:DSC_3766

This pickle guy:     DSC_3747

And the Potowatomi Bingo guy! How cute is he??  Summer was terrified of him, of course. The girls did pretty well while we played Bingo, and true to form, one of us won! Derrick won a cooler/grill thing during the raffle. Sweet!

DSC_3738The Spencer’s were great company and followed us wherever we went. Wes is a trooper and hopefully a fair fan for life!

Until next year!


Stewart Family said...

Thanks for always posting the fair fun. Love seeing all of the things they think of frying at the WI State Fair!

Emmy said...

Sorry the new fried foods didn't work out. And the butter- yea that is just disgusting. Love it- th cows aren't wearing shoes :)

Buy RevitaDerm said...

And the butter- yea that is just disgusting. Love it- th cows aren't wearing shoes.