Friday, August 26, 2011

Phallics and fish

I was going through the pictures on my phone and came across a few gems I had forgotten about.

Exhibit A: An innocent-enough girl simply pouring water from her watering can into her garden, or a gender confused girl pretending to be a boy? Who designs these statues? Actually, what buyer let this pass through??? And that skirt sure it short enough, eh? Sleazy.

Photo-0112 Exhibit B: Poor Belle. No wonder she was shunned in her village. It wasn’t because she was a bookworm or her dad was a crazy inventor, it was because she had a giant wiener. Peasant folk aren’t down with that.

Photo-0146 Exhibit C: Every trip we take to Wal-Mart must begin with a trip to look at the fish. Part of my own little ritual is to see how many dead fish the employees let float around belly up. Usually the poor 9 cent goldfish don’t stand a chance once you get them home, but this guy was murdered before he even got a shot to swim around in a tiny bowl filled with his own poop. I hope he was delicious.


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