Sunday, June 24, 2012

Master Derrick

Why do I suck so bad???? I’m disgusted with my blogging self. Blech,

Even though this happened well over a month ago it still needs to be documented!!

Back in May Derrick walked at UW Madison and got his MBA. My parents and his mom flew out for it and we made a weekend out of it.

The graduation ceremony was very nice. He graduated with the College of Engineering. It was very well orchestrated, I thought. Two girls read each and every graduate’s name and had it timed so perfectly so that your name was being read as you received your diploma, even though when you handed your name to the reader there were probably 8 or so people in front of you to get theirs. Impressive. The former CEO of Yahoo! was the speaker and was pretty interesting.

We walked around the farmer’s market before the ceremony so by the time it was halfway done the girls were spent. Slowly, one by one they disappeared into the lobby with a grandparent while I sat and watched most of the rest. We bailed a little early and met Derrick outside when it was all over. All in all it was a great day and I was super proud and fighting back the tears. :)

zDSC_6834zDSC_6699zDSC_6789 zDSC_6725Congrats, babe! Love you!


Megan Gubler said...

congrats Derrick. That is pretty awesome in my book.

Miranda said...

Way to go Derrick!

Becky Jackson said...

Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment for all of you!!