Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Pt. 1

Derrick still had a week of paternity leave so we decided to take a road trip to NC to see his sister. They’re moving to MN and Derrick had never been to WV or KY so we had to drive out before they left so he could check those states off his list.

We left at 5am the day after Easter and drove to Louisville, KY. Derrick had always wanted to go to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum so we hit that up first. As we went to buy our tickets, we were informed everyone was FREE that day due to opening day of baseball and their unveiling of a new Lego exhibit. Score!! The tour was really cool, and we walked right through the factory and saw the bats being made. We saw Bryce Harper’s (Nationals) bats being made like 2 feet away from us. It was really cool, too bad they didn’t let us take pictures! So one thing I didn’t know was that players have bats made specially for them…different weights and stuff. They had a batting cage where you could hit with professional bats that different players use. Derrick hit balls using Ted Williams’ bat. That sucker was heavy. I think Derrick tipped a lot of balls but never made a direct hit. I’m not surprised…I doubt I’d even be able to swing that thing! Derrick bought a bat and had it personalized with his name, it’s pretty sweet.IMG_4886

Check out this sweet replica of Miller Park made out of Legos! Took them 9 years to make it!DSC_1656


His new personalized bat!IMG_4887


After the museum we drove by Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held. We were going to do a tour but didn’t really think the kids would do too well since we were already well past naptime. Plus, we’re not super huge horse race enthusiasts. We were good with a picture.


We then continued on our way to Gatlinburg, TN where we would spend the next two nights. On the way we saw signs for the first KFC, so of course we stopped. That’s what I love about road trips…the random spontaneous stops you can make and see things you never would have otherwise. It was pretty cool…a museum connected to a KFC restaurant. You could eat in the middle of the restaurant if you wanted to. We didn’t eat there, but it was a fun little stop in Corbin, KY.

Posing with the Colonel!IMG_4903 DSC_1722

All 3 girls were total champs throughout the whole trip. I was mentally preparing myself for days leading up to it, telling myself to just not care how many snacks they ate, how many movies they watched, or whether they slept or not. And it was fabulous. We all had a great time. IMG_4897Stayed tuned for part 2, Gatlinburg!

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