Sunday, June 09, 2013

One less in diapers!

I knew I wanted to potty train Hannah before we went to California this summer, so after we got back from NC I geared up and mentally prepared to do the dirty deed. I loathe potty training. I’d rather cut off my leg with a plastic knife than potty train a kid. BUT, we talked it up, she picked out her own prize, and we planned to do it on a Monday.

I pumped her full of Crystal Light and pretzels and left her naked from the waist down. Since our entire house is carpeted except for our kitchen and bathroom, we spend the entire morning in the kitchen. One accident all day and she had it down. Like, seriously potty trained in like half a day. Unbelievable. We even went somewhere the next day and she was fine. She doesn’t care about checking out every bathroom in every store we ever go to. She has been a dream. Sure, she has had a few accidents here and there, but she gets it and I love it and it makes me feel like I can have more kids and live to tell about it. Because really, potty training makes me never want to have another kid!IMG_5175 Anyway, as her reward, she got to pick where we went to dinner (Chili’s) and then we went to Build a Bear where she got to pick out her own bear, just like Summer did when she was potty trained. She had a blast and it was fun to celebrate her success with her.

IMG_5232I love the Build-a-Bear process. So stinking cute. Here she is rubbing the little heart that goes inside her bear.IMG_5242Giving her bear, now named Rainbow, a bath.IMG_5252IMG_5248We are so proud of you Hannah and your big girl undies!

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Melissa said...

Awesome! Congrats :)