Monday, September 02, 2013

Great grandma and papa come to visit

Back in May my grandparents from PA came to visit us. This was their first time visiting us here in WI, and it was their first time meeting Tessa. We had a great couple days with them. They came bearing gifts for the girls—piggy banks for each of them…a tradition they have with each of their great grandkids. Summer got a princess piggy, Hannah got a cupcake, and Tessa got an owl. They are all super cute, and after transferring all their money from their old and ugly piggy banks, these ones weigh a ton! We’re going to have to cash in and swap out the coins for cash pretty soon!

We had a picnic on Lake Michigan one day and one night we went to Organ Piper Pizza, which they LOVED. They showed up at our house on their 57 wedding anniversary, so we had the organist announce that and played them a special song, which they thought was just the coolest thing ever.

It was a quick visit, but I did get the chance to video interview them for about an hour, which was really cool. I’m hoping to get it onto a DVD and distribute it to family. A tiny little family history under my belt. :)

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