Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day of Glass

aDSC_4401My parents had a lot of fun things planned for us while we were in San Marcos. One day I deemed the Day of Glass. It started out with a trip out to Wimberley to the Wimberley Glass Works. We got to see them blow a piece of glass into a light fixture that will be part of a 30+ piece art display. It was really cool to watch…and super stressful at times! They said the pole and glass can weigh upwards of 100 pounds! I can only assume your arms must get extremely tired and at one point I thought the guy was going to drop the whole thing! There was some gorgeous pieces in the studio, and a crazy light fixture where all the globes looked the same when the lights were off, but when you turned the lights on, each globe turned a different color. It was so weird! My parents bought me this beautiful glass bracelet as a souvenir. They had these amazing glass pumpkins but they were pretty pricey. I’m regretting not just buying it!aDSC_4404aDSC_4414aDSC_4418aDSC_4421aDSC_4440aDSC_4444aDSC_4450aDSC_4397Next, we went on a glass bottomed boat ride down the San Marcos River. The San Marcos River is home to Aquarena Springs, an educational center dedicated to the preservation of the river and the plants and animals that live in it, many of which are endangered. We saw lots of fish, turtles, and could see the San Marcos Springs bubbling up through the sand on the river floor. It was really cool. Last time I went on that boat ride I was probably Hannah’s age, and don’t even really remember it. Tessa was fascinated and stared at the water the whole time.            aDSC_4462 aDSC_4504 aDSC_4514 aDSC_4517It was a beautiful day to see such beautiful things! I’m so glad that my kids get to see their grandparents frequently and have a relationship with them, and I’m so glad my parents are always so willing to do such fun things with them. We had a fun day!

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