Monday, November 11, 2013

BYU comes to Wisco!

It feels like forever ago that it was announced that BYU was playing the University of Wisconsin. It was a no-brainer that we would go. Flight itineraries started trickling in and before I knew it I had 5 dudes staying at our house! Ryan, David, Casey, Scott, and Joe all made the trek to see the cougars take on the badgers. (I apologize in advance for the picture quality…all taken on my phone.)

We started out trying the new Sprecher restaurant, which was pretty good. Is there anything better for a man than eating good food with your buddies while drinking the best root beer ever and comparing twitter feeds? I don’t think so.


Dinner was Sobelman’s, which never, ever fails to deliver. Amazing burgers. Amazing.  aIMG_1950

I convinced everyone we needed to go to Leon’s for custard. Nobody complained.

Game Day! We had a full vanload of 8, me being the only girl. (We decided to leave the kids home. And I’m glad we did…it was freezing, we did a ton of walking, and it would have been miserable with them.) We headed to Madison and parked near the Capitol and the farmer’s market. We devoured two loaves of Stella’s spicy cheese bread then chased it down with some fudge from Kilwin’s. We walked down State St. to campus and some grabbed a bite to eat at the Terrace. Then we made our way to the stadium.

aIMG_1959The thing I love about going to BYU games is you always seem to run into people from all over. This trip was no different, and we saw Skyler! 


I spotted Bucky, who I have been trying to bag FOREVER, and ran up to get a picture, only to be DENIED!!! Pretty much just shoved me off!! Rude!! You can see my hands behind him. I was devastated. Truly.  aIMG_1964 Not that I don’t see her at least weekly, but a picture with the lovely Jessica. aIMG_1966

We had seats with Derrick’s sister, Daneise, and her family. It was fun to sit by her and chat and still more awesome to know that we have family close enough to meet in Madison!!! So fun.  aIMG_1967 aIMG_1968aphotoThe typical “full-figured” Wisconsin native—taking up two seats. aIMG_1974 aIMG_1986 aIMG_1987We were starving after the game so after much deliberation about where to eat, where people missed eating the most, what was new, etc, we somehow settled on hibachi. Random. But delicious and fun!aIMG_1999I was so sad when everyone had to leave. It was such a fun weekend, and I’m so glad we have such awesome and easy-going friends that get along with everyone, since we were kind of a mixed bag of friends. It’s just a testament to them and how fun and friendly they are. And like it was discussed this past weekend, sports, especially BYU, can unite just about anyone! And even though we lost, it was a fabulous weekend.