Friday, November 01, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

The rest of our time in Texas was spent just having fun with no real schedule or agenda. It was like a true vacation. We played at the park, in the pool, had a big family barbecue, I had dessert with my two cousins which was SO fun, and had fun looking at old pictures my dad dug up. Good quality family time, indeed.

aDSC_4544aDSC_4551aDSC_4594Hannah was not happy being splashed, but she quickly got over it. Love this little series. aIMG_1472aIMG_1476aIMG_1477At the delicious Root Cellar restaurant in San Marcos with my cousins, sisters Jessica and Amanda. aIMG_1455All 9 great grandchildren together. This rarely happens! Mine are the glaringly white ones. :)aDSC_0392    With my cousin Jason. aIMG_1497


Love these old pictures. Me and Jason with my grandpa (Abuelo), my grandparents’ wedding party (love the girl on the left who is like SO tired taking pictures and can we just get on with it already? Also, my grandma told me everyone in that picture is now dead except for her. How sad!), and last, my mom when she was a little girl.     aIMG_1482 aIMG_1483 aIMG_1486And then we had to leave. The girls were so sad to leave, they had such a fun time. But alas, we had a 20 hour drive ahead of us, so leave we did. And about 1 hour into it I wanted to kill either myself or others in the car. It was a long, long two days, and I didn’t drive a single mile of it. And believe me when I tell you being the driver on a long road trip is the easiest job when you travel with 3 kids. You get to sit and relax and drive and focus on driving and making sure your temperature is just right. The passenger (ME) is schlepping snacks and picking up dropped crayons and changing DVDs and feeding a baby a food pouch from the front seat and NOT leisurely enjoying a magazine or typing a blog or taking a nap or anything else I thought I might do for TWENTY HOURS IN THE CAR. Next up on the agenda: convincing Derrick to leave at 7pm and drive through the night. A 5 hour energy and the entire Beatles catalog and I’m set. I’ll do the driving. Please. aDSC_4624

The only bonus to breaking up the misery drive into two days was that we got to stay with the Green’s in Arkansas! The girls had a blast with each other and they were awesome and picked up some Memphis style BBQ for our dinner. Delish. I went to probably the shadiest Wal-Mart I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to some doozies. Always good times when we see Casey and Lindsey, and this time was no different!

aIMG_1525 aIMG_1536 Overall, a great trip. Two weeks is a long time to be gone, but really, you need to make it that long so you have time to forget about the drive down before you have to do it again.

God Bless Texas!

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Lindsey said...

I still feel bad I didn't go with you to walmart, then we could at least laugh at how ghetto it is together! Thanks for stopping by in Arkansas and that pic of your mom looks just like you! How fun to see old pics like that!