Saturday, May 17, 2014

Post Christmas in MN

The day after Christmas we drove up to Rochester to stay with the Nelson’s for a few days. This is the beauty of having family close: I get to have Christmas in my own home like I want, but we get to hang out with family and play games during the break, which Derrick wants. Win-win!

And that’s just what we did—played games, watched movies, ate, Rainbow loomed, and took a little trip to the Mall of America one day. That was fun because I got to add a few more mascots to the collection. :)  aDSC_5311 aDSC_5317 aDSC_5349 aDSC_5354 aDSC_5357 aDSC_5367 aDSC_5375 aDSC_5384 aDSC_5386 aDSC_5403Then we had to head back home for New Year’s and Summer’s birthday, because my parents were driving up!

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