Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beating the winter blues

Winter in Wisconsin is cold. And long. And cold. And never-ending. So we like to break it up a bit and head to the Dells. This year (back in March…ahem…) we went with Derrick’s sister and her family who live in Rochester. We stayed at the Kalahari, and we all loved it. They have an arcade and theme park where we played at night after we were worn out from the water park. It was the perfect couple of days to get away and feel like we were somewhere actually warm enough to go swimming. The girls had a blast, and were sufficiently tuckered out at the end of each day.IMG_4128IMG_4132IMG_4183IMG_4135IMG_4150IMG_4166IMG_4169IMG_4216IMG_4236It’s always a bit more work going to a water park with a toddler, especially one who wants to wander away and then do nose dives into the water for fun. But Tessa had a blast in their kiddie area, and we could let her wander a bit more there.

And what could be better for a kid than to go to a restaurant that delivers your food on a train?! It was fun, and the food was surprisingly decent.


The Nelson’s followed us home for a day or so and of course we had to hit up the Sprecher tour. Can you ever get enough of the world’s best root beer and cream soda? No, you cannot.           IMG_4255

Since Derrick won’t take me to the Caribbean every February/March, I guess the Dells will have to do. All I know is a warm getaway is vital to surviving winter here. Feeling comfortable in a swimsuit in the middle of winter when you’ve been packing on the pounds commiserating away….well…that part sucks. But yay for the Dells!

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