Monday, November 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014—part 3, Yellowstone and Rexburg

The only downer to the whole trip (and not even that major) is that we were about one week early in visiting Yellowstone. Not all the entrances and roads were open, so we weren’t able to see Old Faithful, but we did get to see lots of wildlife and Mammoth Hot Springs. There were so many bison, and at one point, they were crossing the road right in front of our car, that our girls still remember seeing all the “bison bums”. DSC_6484DSC_6487DSC_6491DSC_6506DSC_6492DSC_6500It was freezing cold as we walked down to the hot springs, and the springs smelled awful, which the girls weren’t too fond of. But they thought it looked like a cupcake mountain, so all was well in their world. DSC_6513 DSC_6516 DSC_6525 DSC_6540 DSC_6546 DSC_6553 DSC_6567 DSC_6571IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4362 DSC_6581

Since there wasn’t much else we could see, we just drove in a little bit into the park then turned around and headed for Idaho. Yes, after living in Utah for 5 years, I could NOW finally check Idaho off my list of states to visit. After this trip, I am down to just 3 that I need to visit—Alaska, Oregon, & North Dakota.


Arriving in Rexburg at dinnertime on a Sunday is not the best time to arrive. The only thing open was a Pizza Hut next to our motel, so we ate there, and we were the only ones we saw there the entire time. Not surprising. After dinner we met up with Hayley and Taylor Larsen, who showed us around the BYU-Idaho campus. I was surprised at how nice it was! I had decided if any of my kids wanted to go there I would be okay with it. :) We also walked around the Rexburg Temple, which is beautiful and in a beautiful location. It was freezing cold and super windy. Not a good combo. We finished off the night with some swimming with the Larsen’s at the motel.DSC_6598  DSC_6613 DSC_6631

The next morning we went to the bookstore, where I saw things that had me rethinking my acceptance to let my kids go there…

IMG_4374And then we were off to Jackson Hole!

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