Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, yesterday my work plans changed a whopping 3 times in a matter of hours. What I thought was to be a short morning of working turned out to be another whole day. I had another job lined up for next week Monday-Wednesday, but that was cancelled after the people here called and requested me here another week. So, I'll be here in this office for one more week. I'm not a huge fan of this job, but it pays more than the other, so I guess I'll stay. My left wrist is killing me. The wrist I broke sledding in college. Yes, sledding. Well, tubing, actually. Lame, I know. It was Matthew, who I was dating at the time, Dan, and Maria I think?? Cheryl? I don't remember. It took about 3 hours of prep to go tubing at Rock Canyon--finding tubes, blowing them up, getting dressed. We were super pumped to go. Well, we get there and the hill is perfect with fresh snow. It's dark by this point, but lots of people are there doing the same thing. Well, we hop on our tubes and head down. My first ride down I go just normal, sitting on top of the tube, and I hit a bump and it lofts me up into the air and I go left and my tube goes right. And then I come slamming down onto probably the only patch of ground not cushioned by snow. My left arm is underneath me. I just laid there. I didn't know I had broken anything at that point, but something didn't feel right. Matthew came over and asked if I was alright, I said "I guess so", but when I stood up my hand was at this wonky angle. Like, the pinky side of my hand was at a right angle to my arm. That can't be good. So, everyone packed up and we went to the ER. Way to ruin the fun, Karen! We sat in the ER until they called us back and I had to peel all 5 of my layers over my hand, which was killing me by that time. The doc came in, numbed me, then pulled and yanked on the end of my fingers to straighten it all out. It was pretty cool to watch. They threw me in a soft cast and away I went. And ever since that day it has hurt. I can't keep my palm turned up for very long, and using the Tab button repeatedly kills. Wow, that was a tangent, eh? Derrick will tell you I broke it because I didn't go to the BYU game that was happening at the time we went tubing. Punishment for my sin, if you will. (As I type this, the Imperial March from Star Wars is playing on Ike and instantly reminds me of BYU football games. Coincidence??? Creepy.)

So that's what's going on. Tonite is a bridal shower for a friend. It's a surprise, but I don't think she even knows about the Wet Donkey. Poor thing. ;) Anyway, I'll be surprised if 5 people show up, everyone has bailed on me. So lame. Hopefully it's fun anyway. Hope everyone's Friday is good! Mine will be much better in 2 hours and 5 minutes!!

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Samantha said...

That story sucks. That really sucks. I hope I never break anything. I don't think I could handle it. PS what is a wet donkey?