Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bachelorette. No, not Trista.

So the time leading up to Derrick leaving I was tough. I told myself and him I would be fine. I'll get lots done, I'll have fun, I'll do my own thing. No biggie. Well, he's all packed and ready to go and says goodbye to me and where did the toughness go?? Out the window, that's where. I broke down and bawled. What a sap. I went back to sleep until like noon, which was awesome. Then I was feeling lonely and bummed out, so I went to the mall, but I was too bummed out (not to mention broke-ass broke) to buy or even look at anything. So I just went back home. Luckily there was a church broadcast/dinner planned so I went with some girls I knew and had a really good time. I got home around 915 pm and looked online (on the incredibly slow and crappy computer) for movies and saw that The Breakup was playing at 940 so I went. It was really funny, although the ending sucked. Well, I STILL didn't want to go home to an empty apartment, so I went grocery shopping. At the new 24-hour Wal-Mart!! I love shopping at midnight!! I don't have to fight any crowds!! I finally went home and cleaned and putzed around and tried to install the new chain lock I had just bought. Turns out our door is metal and so the two minutes I tried drilling the slide bar into the door was useless. Finally went to bed at 230, and fell right asleep, which is what I was hoping for.

Church was lonely yesterday. Didn't sit by anyone, nobody sat by me. Came home and took a mini nap before visiting teaching. Then my friend Rebecca came over and we "studied" for a little bit, which mainly consisted of talking about Gray's Anatomy. Later I took a bath and used my new solid bubble bath from Lush, which was awesome. Lots of bubbles and smelled really yummy. After that I was suuuper warm and comfy in my sweats and just camped out on the sofa and watched me some teevee. I was still really sleepy from staying up so late the night before but I couldn't fall asleep right away. I don't like sleeping alone. Plus, it's cold. I miss my live-in space heater.

Now it's another Monday. I should be studying for my Patho exam tomorrow, but I'm not. I realized in class today that my shirt was on backwards. It's gonna be one of those days....


Lara said...

Now that your hubby is a "bigwig" you'd better get used to it, sweetie! I know your pain, but it was especially painful when he'd be gone for ten days and I had three kids in DIAPERS. Yeah, I really dug online grocery shopping then.

But to this day I never can sleep when he's traveling. I stay up writing or watching movies. Can't sleep. You'll never get used to that part.

Can I just say that traveling is great because it makes you appreciate each other even MORE!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of having a pumkin themed breakfast (this is really an excuse to eat cream cheese myself)...and therefore need the pumpkin cream cheese recipe you've so bragged about it.