Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm watching the premier of SNL. Dane Cook is hosting. He's hot. The Killers are performing right now. Sadly, they are sucking. And the lead singers moustache is nasty. I hate it when a band sucks live. I feel like they aren't really musicians. Like they have to "photoshop" their sound in the studio to make it record-worthy. Losers. Tina Fey is off the show, which is super sad. Guess I'll just have to check out 30 Rock when it premiers next month.

I had two tests this past week. Killer. Patho and Pharm. Talk about a crazy stressful week. I seriously thought I bombed Patho, but I wound up getting an 82, which I was bummed about, but at least I passed! I got a 90 on Pharm, hooray for me! And I got my Dean's List letter this week!

Other than being permanently exhausted this week, nothing else exciting happened. Derrick came home, so I can sleep safely and warmly now.


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