Monday, October 09, 2006

Mondays pretty much suck the life out of me.

A haiku:

Today is Monday.
Tomorrow will be Tuesday.
Is it Friday yet?

I am so ready for this week to be over, and it's only Monday! Yikes! We had a test in our Adult class, which was brutal. I'm pretty sure I passed, but who knows if I got an A. I'm thinking I didn't. Tomorrow I have a skills performance test, where I have to pick a scenario and then do it for the person testing me. It could be to give an injection, clean out a bed sore, give a g-tube feeding. Who knows. I HOPE I get an injection. Easy peasy. Then after that I have this skills computer test to take. 55 questions in 30 minutes. Better read fast!! I've heard it's pretty hard. I just hope I can get an A on that thing. You can even use your book if you want to!!

If you're like me, and you like freebies, you should click here. It's, and the samples always change. They are mildly lame right now, but check back later, they are bound to have something better! I've gotten shampoo, deoderant, food, all sorts of fun things to get in the mail besides bills.

Apparently we paid too much tuition and the College of Nursing didn't have anything left to buy so we are all getting Palm Pilots. Sweet! My old one was just ancient, and it kept dying on me, and really, it was more of a hassle than a help, so this is just awesome news for me. We weren't supposed to get them until next Monday, but they are just sitting behind the desk, so I put in my two cents about that and what do you know. We get them tomorrow!! Hooray for me and my big mouth! Check it out, it's the Tungsten E2:


Our friends Jake and Sarah just had a baby on Friday, but she was induced a month early for high blood pressure so the little guy Jackson is in NICU for the next 3 weeks. He's 3 lb 7 oz. He's healthy, but little. Congrats to them, and even though I'm sure things are fine, keep 'em in your prayers.

Derrick is coming down with something I think. He's asleep on the couch and he's constantly moaning in his sleep. Should be a fun night. Especially since he's been completely HOGGING the comforter the past few nights. Like, I barely have an inch. Freezing in a little huddled ball. I think he is sick of too much football. Saturday: Football on TV aaaaal day. Sunday: We went to the Packers/Rams game in Green Bay. We got tickets from friends who didn't want to go on Sunday, and instead we now look like the tools that went to a football game on Sunday. Oh well, once in a lifetime chance. Whatcha gonna do? After the game, he came home and watched more football. Tonite? You guessed it. Football. Luckily my fantasy team won this week so I'm not as perturbed as I could be. Plus, I was studying. Still, it's the prniciple behind the whole thing. I know if I were watching 18 straight hours of oh, say, America's Next Top Model, I would be dead. Somehow because it's football it makes it ok. Why is this??? Some sort of man law? Because you have a weiner you get to watch football anytime it is on? Which, these days, is almost every day of th week. Games are on Thursday through Monday. Which only leaves Tuesday and Wednesday. TWO DAYS!!! To make matters worse, MLB playoffs are starting so during football commercials we get to flip to baseball. UGH.

Wow, I didn't mean for that to be a rant, but whatever. I need to study. But I'm pooped.


Samantha said...

I am so glad William doesn't like football. I hate it. I'd be the one that died if I had to watch football. Ever.

I can't believe I'm going to have a friend who's a nurse! You know you'll be getting lots of advice emails.

Lara said...

HA!!! Haven't you figured out that by now? Watching sports is really cover for men just wanting to lay around all weekend.

Luckily I LIKE football. But sometimes I have to ask which team we're rooting for...

Anonymous said...

I hate football. I wouldn't even pretend to like it. For anyone.