Friday, October 06, 2006


The pasta class was a bust.

I tried to hide my look of disgust but I'm pretty sure I looked like a turbo-snot the whole time. I couldn't help it. Let's just say if her workspace was a restaurant, Channel 4 would have been there in an instant in an undercover story about an unclean kitchen and closed us down right then and there. Now, I never really considered myself a germophobe, but I think the more I go to school and work in health care settings the more I am becoming one. The teacher (who I recognized as the crazy ebay-store lady from my watercolor class last year) would pull out wet bowls from the sink and give them to us to beat the eggs in. I grabbed a paper towel to dry it out and she said "Oh, it doesn't matter if it's wet, the eggs are going to get it wet anyway." No crap! It's the black specks of who-knows-what that are in the slimy wet stuff that I'm concerned about!!

We attempted to make pasta, and we would have done fine until our teacher put her grubby hands in our flour and egg and it went all over the table, losing our egg, and our moisture. So we ended up with dry, tough dough. We cut it and cooked it and it was pretty gross. I'm surprised I even ate it, but I didn't want to be "that girl". Actually, I seriously contemplated leaving after 10 minutes. But I stayed.

We made a pumpkin ravioli with pumpkin cheese filling, which didn't turn out that bad. Every time someone had a question I knew the answer to it. I was giving people tips. Bottom line: I could have taught this class. Better, cleaner, yummier. And I owe it all to Alton Brown!!! Seriously. I'm an expert in theory at a lot of things, just not in practice. I read/watch so much about it that I know a ton. I just haven't done it. The only upside to this class was that I sorta got to try making pasta and didn't have to mess up my own kitchen or use my own ingredients. So that was that.

I ran two miles again last night on the treadmill. It was a lot easier than running outside. I could have kept going, but I didn't. I want to work up to a faster pace and then start increasing distance.

Well, Fridays are my studying days, so I guess I should get to studying. Another busy week next week, and I need to feel more prepared than I was 2 weeks ago!

Happy Friday!!


Samantha said...

I really had no idea you were so cook-y, until this blog came around. I'm the opposite. Sad for my husband.

So this was a one time pasta class? That sounds hilarious. Gross.

Lara said...