Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Somebody call the men in the white coats....

because I'm training for a half-marathon! Yes, it's true. Yes, I must be crazy.

I'm shooting for the Mad City Marthon in Madison May 27th, 2007. That should be puh-lenty of time to train, right?? Why am I doing this?

1) I want to get into better shape. I've gotten...well, I guess soft is a good word to put it. Not really fat, per se, but definitely not fit. Chubby, if you will.
2) I've always wanted to do something like this. I have no idea why. Maybe I just want the medal or trophy they give you when you're done. Gosh, does it sound like I need positive reinforcement much???
3) I don't think I can do it. Why don't I think I can do it?

1) I hate running.
2) I hate running.
3) I hate running.

You'd think with those 3 reasons running a half-marathon would be the LAST thing I would ever do.

I decided this last night, and told Derrick about it, and he said he'd do it with me. And then I told the girls at school today and Rebecca is going to do it with me. She's super excited about it, and so was I. Until I ran this afternoon.

It's been about, oh, MONTHS since I last ran. All the training plans I've seen online start with the fact that you're already running 6 miles a day. So I decided to see how far I could go. I drove a loop around our complex that measured almost exactly 2 miles. Perfect, I thought. A nice, even number. And then I began to run. It wasn't that bad. Mile one was pretty easy. Granted, I probably could have walked faster than I was running, but that's not the point. It was the end of mile two that my gas started running out. I barely made it. It doesn't help that my "running shoes" are terrible. And I use the term "running shoes" very loosely. I would have been better off taping empty tissue boxes to my feet. Now my task is to convince Derrick that I need new running shoes.

So I sit here, smelly, loaded up with Advil in anticipation of the pain that is sure to come. I would take a shower, but honestly, I don't trust my legs to hold me up in the tub.

At this point, I need severe convincing to continue training for this. Because I think I can be easily pursuaded to stop!!


Lara said...

You need some Gel Asics. They rock!

Anonymous said...

"The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it."
-Joan Rivers

SyXbiT said...


frostbitten said...

Sister - go check out my blog...you will laugh your head off!!

love you!