Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy go lucky!

I'm feeling completely stress-free today, which I haven't felt in a loooooong time! I woke up today (nice and late) and plopped down on the sofa and proceeded to watch hours upon hours of shows that have been waiting for me for weeks. It was faaaaabulous. Of course, I started to feel a little bit guilty so I cleaned our apartment. All in all, a very productive day. :)

I wound up getting a 96% on my Adult exam that I took Monday. Awesome. Now I'm just waiting to see what I got on the Patho exam I took yesterday. If I'm not studying for one test, I'm waiting to see how I did on another. But, now I don't have another test until the 14th, and then that's it until after Thanksgiving. Hooray!

Last night I had my slow-cooker class. It was soooo much better than my pasta class, but still very odd and unorganized. There were a few girls around my age that formed a group and worked on a recipe. It was pretty fun talking to them, and laughing at our instructor who constantly said "you know what I mean?" or "you know what I'm sayin'". It was pretty annoying, and she was quite an eclectic person. Still, the recipes we made were actually pretty decent, and I'll probably make them again sometime. I got a call the other day saying they opened up another sushi class, so I'm going to that, which I'm super excited about.

I'm running 3 miles now, aren't you impressed? Never in my life would I have imagined that I would voluntarily run more than one mile for fun.

I'm watching Oprah right now, (which I don't usually do), and it's about Jessica Coleman who hid her pregnancy from everyone and then stabbed her baby. She's televised from prison, and Oprah is being a complete bitch to her. As if I'm sure she doesn't feel badly enough about what happened, Oprah is being so condescending and unbelieving as to her story. Turbo bitch. Seriously. She is not all-knowing, even though she thinks she is. I'm super pissed off now. But can I change the channel? No. I'm hoping that Jessica will grow the balls and tell Oprah to shut her cake hole.

We're going to see The Devil Wears Prada tonite. I've been waiting to see this forever!! I hope it's as good as I'm expecting it to be!!

Happy Friday!


Lara said...

I haven't watched Oprah since 1992. I just can't. She makes me absolutely crazy.

Anonymous said...

unorganized --> disorganized.
check my my latest blog entry :)