Monday, November 06, 2006

This weekend was a pretty decent one. The weather was nice, and I didn't do a lot of homework. Can't get much better than that this time of year!

Friday we saw The Devil Wears Prada, which was pretty good, but I still like the book better. (Isn't it always that way?) Saturday we slept in then went shopping at the new Bayshore Mall. We hit up Kohl's and got some Christmas shopping out of the way. Talk about being on the ball! The mall is really nice, except it's outdoor. Did I already talk about this? I don't remember. Anyway, it will be nice the 2 months that it's actually warm here. Whoever designed it is an idiot.

I finally got some new running shoes. Hooray!

I love em. Actually, I think my knees love them more. They're pink and comfy and make me look forward to the next time I run. See, shoes are always a motivator for something!

I finally uploaded some pics from Halloween. Somehow I didn't get one of my costume, but it was nothing special. But here's Derrick as nurse. A gay nurse.

It was reeeally gross and reeealy creepy. Obviously, those are my scrubs and they were way too tight. Especially the bottoms. We were thisclose to having wardrobe malfunctin....Ew!

We also watched Nacho Libre yesterday. It was very random, but we were laughing throughout it. Classic Jack Black flick. I liked the music in it though. Beck did a lot of it, which didn't really surprise me.

Well, I should squeeze in some studying before class. Happy Monday! Oh, and don't forget to vote tomorrow! You have the right to do so, and you should exercise that right. I don't care what you vote, what your opinion is, so long as you have one and put it in action. I shouldn't say I don't care what you vote, b/c obviously I would want everyone to vote the same as me so we win. And by we I mean those that are willing to preserve the functional unit of the family and marriage, which is between a man and a wife. I wasn't going to get political, but there you go.

So vote!


Lara said...


Samantha said...

KAREN! That last "plug" for republicans was poop. Is that honestly the main issue you care about?

Plus, if a man and man or a woman and a woman get married, you're still married so what's the difference. :(

Karen said...

Wow, last time I checked we belonged to the same church. Has something changed?

In case you've forgotten, our purpose for being on this earth is to create a family and to return to live with Him in heaven. How can two men or two women accomplish that? Surely you do not believe that homosexuality is not a sin? It is not natural.

It's a touchy subject, I know. I have plenty of gay friends, and I love them dearly. But that's the way it is.

Since you obviously are for gay marriage, I am interested to hear what issue is most important to you. Care to share?

Anonymous said...

Sure hope that nurse isn't the one clearing up the fecal impaction I am going in for - Jason

Alexis said...

Are you excited about your Idol Britney and her loser husband splitting or sad for her? I know you will have a lot to say on the subject and I am dying to read it.

Lara said...

Yeah, I was wondering about your thoughts on the Britster too. ;-)

And I think your "political plug" is spot on. I am in complete agreement.
For those who seem to be "wavering," a reading of the Proclamation sent out by the First Presidency should clear things up.