Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A little bit of this, a little bit of that....

You know, I'm typically a very laid back person. It takes quite a bit to get me riled up. Usually I just let stuff roll off my back. But lately I've become a very wound up person. Why is this? I'll tell you why. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. More specifically, the College of Nursing. In a nutshell, they suck. The professors are rude, insensitive, and pretty much complete idiots. The whole college is disorganized and inefficient. Today, in class, my teacher called me out, by name, because I rolled my eyes to her lame-ass excuse of a review question and asked if I had a question. WTF? So of course, I responded that I thought her question was crap, and if she taught us correctly, we would all know the answer. She then, under her breath, said, "Well, let's be professional and just move on." Puh-lease. Ugh. I'm soooo ready to be done with this semester. With this whole school. You know, if you go to the cheapest school in town, you get what you pay for. Not to say I'm not grateful for the education I'm getting, because I am. I love learning about being a nurse, and doing nursey things, I just don't enjoy the process I'm going through to do so. I know I need to work on it and have a better attitude, or else I'll be miserable. And that's not good, is it?

Ok, so I was watching Desperate Housewives from this past Sunday while typing this, and I'm totally crying! What a baby! Sheesh. Who even watches this show anymore? Probably just me. It sucks, but it's like a train wreck. I can't stop watching it! I'm too invested. Same with Laguna Beach. This season is terrible but can I stop watching? Noooooo.

So listen to our night last night. At 3:15am, our doorbell rings. Repeatedly. Like, solid ringing for a minute. Then it would stop for a few seconds, then start again. I was freaked out. I wasn't about to go down and answer the door at 315am! We decided to open our bedroom window and yell down. So Derrick yelled down, "Can I help you?" but we got no answer. By this time the ringing had stopped. He asked again but still got no answer. So we closed the window. And then the ringing started again. By this time I'm wide awake and getting really mad that it's 315 and I have to wake up at 530. We finally see this drunk guy holidng a glass walk by to the other entrance yelling and being an ass. Who knows why he was ringing our doorbell. So, we go back to sleep, and just as I was falling asleep, I hear a bunch of drunk guys yelling outside for like 5 minutes. Then, like an hour later we hear more people talking and this girls heels clacking across the pavement. Now I'm super pissed b/c I realize my alarm is going off in 20 minutes, and I feel like I haven't even gone to sleep all night. Needless to say, today I was exhausted.

So, I feel like I was the last to know about Britney and Kevin yesterday. I didn't find out until about 7 pm, in the car on the radio, coming back from voting. I was shocked! I promptly hit up, my go-to source for celebrity gossip. It was, indeed, true. I was ecstatic. She is way better off without K-Fed. It's good to know her prenup is "ironclad", b/c he doesn't deserve a penny of what she has earned. There is rumor that it's just a scare tactic to get K-Fed to shape up. I really hope that's not the case. Of course, Britney will never rise up to be the pop princess she once was, but I do hope she cleans up her image and starts putting out some more music. It'll never be the same, especially now that she has 2 kidlets. I just really wish Oops Britney would come back. She was my favorite. So hot.

Here's some exciting news. We're going to a taping of The Price is Right over Christmas in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to pee my pants I'm so excited!!! When I found out Bob was retiring, I knew I had to act fast. We've scored tickets to the Jan. 2 taping. Of course, this means we have to reschedule the flights we've already booked, but c'mon! It's TPIR!!!! I HAVE TO SPIN THE BIG WHEEL!!!!!

One more day until the weekend. I think I can, I think I can....


Samantha said...

Ok this blog was full of new info to me.

First let me say I've only seen like 1/4 of an episode of Desperate Housewives and I was really, guiltily, interested. I think if it was on here I'd watch it too.

Also, I'm sorry you're having crappy experiences in your school, but I'm glad you're becoming a nurse, and your stories of how you talk back to teachers crack me up.

And, you definitely weren't the last to know about Britney b/c I didn't know until I read this.

And I definitely didn't know about Bob retiring. When I was in LA in February we went to CBS studios and I saw a taping and behind the scenes stuff of The Young and the restless, which I've never seen but it was interesting anyway, and we passed by the studio where the price is right was filming. I wanted to go in so bad. It was cool to see the set pieces. The studio's a lot smaller than it looks too. We also heard people from the tyra show clapping. Stupid tyra. Have fun, I'm jealous you get to go to a taping! What if you win a car?!?!?!? I'll have to watch! So is the show being cancelled after he retires??

Karen said...

Last I heard is they're looking for a replacement. But if you ask me, TPIR just won't be the same without Bob. Unless they find someone equally as pervy to sleep with all the beauties....