Saturday, November 11, 2006

We have new neighbors downstairs. They must cook constantly, b/c our lobby always smells like food. It smells like a cheap Mexican dive where you order tacos from a little window by number, b/c that's what they understand. They come wrapped in Reynold's Wrap on a paper plate, but it's the best Mexican food you've ever had. Anyway, Derrick says they're Indian. He gets hungry every time we leave our apartment. I personally, hate smelling like food. I'd rather smell like, oh, I don't know, perfume or clean linens or something like that.

I studied a lot today. I'm very proud of myself. Of course, I still have tons left to study for, but I'm hoping to finish up tomorrow. And then I can relax the rest of the weekend. Hooray!

Tomorrow night we are chaperoning for a youth dance. I think it will be fun, as well as funny to see the kids dancing and interacting with each other. It doesn't feel like that long ago that I was going to those dances. Can you picture me shakin' my thang out on the dancefloor as a 12-year-old girl? Well, you shouldn't be. I was a complete wallflower back then. There was no way you were getting me out there. If a boy asked me, I would dance. And it would be the stiff awkward back and forth swaying people still make fun of. It wasn't until college that I came out of my shell. Then I couldn't stop shakin' it. I still can't!

So, it's official. We're going to The Price Is Right! We switched our plane tickets last night. We're going to the Jan. 2nd taping. I really really really really really really really hope I get called to "come on down!!" That would seriously be a high point in my life. You know, right below getting married and all that jazz. ;) So now it's time to start researching the MSRP on all sorts of stuff. Centrum Silver, toasters, spas, boats.....

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Samantha said...

Man, good luck with the price is right.