Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spice variety is the spice of life

I'm sure you were all anxiously awaiting to find out the results of my Pharm test. Well, wait no more! I got a 98! Hip hip...hooray!

Wednesday night I went to a baby shower. Cute games, cute food, cute gifts. And hey, guess what? I was the only one not pregnant or a mom. Which one guest was very kind to point out to the rest of the group, as if I had some sort of horrid disease. Ack!! She has free time!! Oh no!! She still has perky boobs!! Stay away from me, girl with intact flat abs!! EW!! She gets to sleep through the night!! WHATEVER!!!! I'm really thinking of boycotting all baby showers until my own.

My mother in law flew in last night, and while Derrick was at work today we hit the mall. It was so festive and Christmasy and awesome. We shopped all day. Nothing like a little retail therapy to get you in the Christmas mood. I got this incredible olive oil from Oil & Vinegar--it's Pomegranate Olive Oil. YUM!! My MIL got Orange-Lemon-Basil Vinegar which was good too. We combined both and used it on a chopped salad for dinner tonite and it was de-lish.

We went and saw Everybody's Hero tonite at the Dollar Theater. It went to dollar super fast, but I thought it was sooooo cute! 10 minutes into the movie I was already crying! Christopher and Dana Reeve produced it, which I found out about at the end and that made it even more sad! Not that the movie was sad, but I was a freaking wreck. It's a feel-good movie if anything. I thought Derrick would like it b/c it's about baseball, but he wasn't feeling it. Oh well. At least he stayed awake! Miracle of miracles!

I got a burst of energy around 10pm tonite and decided to organize my cabinets. I have an insane number of spices. Like at least 50, no joke. Yeah, some are dupes, but still. That's a truckload of spices. And they take up some crazy space. What's pathetic is that almost half of them still have "kdr" initialed onto the lid. Yes, that means they are more than 3 years old, when I had to brand and hide them from my klepto roommates. I read that spices are really only potent for like 6 months of something like that, so I'm sure most of them are duds. Who can afford to replace their spices every 6 months?? Honestly, people! I also found about 6 pounds of powdered sugar. 3 separate open bags, all with different amounts remaining, on top of the 3 brand new bags. What am I ever going to do with that much powdered sugar?? Something kinky, I'm sure....haha, just kidding. And I threw out a bunch of old food that I know I'll never eat, but now it looks like Old Mother Hubbard lives here. Good thing I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow! I hope I can still find a turkey!! Gobble gobble!


Alexis said...

Hey! I'm no klepto! Besides, I had (and still have) just and many spices as you. I am the same way about my spices. I have bunches of old ones that need to be replaced and it just hasn't happened.

Karen said...

Ha, I know. I was referring mainly to my roomies while I lived in the treehouse. What a shack.