Saturday, December 09, 2006

C is also for cake!

I made this cake this afternoon for our ward Christmas party tonite. I wish I were creative enough to come up with this idea on my own, however, Kraft Magazine gets all the credit. Theirs was green, and mine is red, so I guess I did take a little creative liberties. haha.

Hopefully you are able to tell that it's an ornament. And the aerial view makes it look a little lopsided. Oh well. Hopefully it tastes good, which is all that matters. But unfortunately, most cute cakes are lacking in the taste department.

Speaking of ornaments, I saw a segment on the news the other night about PORNaments. Naughty ornaments!!! Anatomically correct gingerbread men and women, snowpeople getting busy with each other. It was pretty funny. What's funny is seeing them show the ornaments on TV with their bits and pieces blurred out. People were commenting on how outraged they were that stores would sell such things where children can see. Well, folks, tell your kids not to go in Spencer's and they won't see em. Easy enough. Although I'm pretty sure by now they've found dad's stash of secret magazines so these pornaments are nothing new to them.

I took a final yesterday, and to quote my friend Lindsay Illinois, "I kicked its ASS". Seriously. One class down, 4 to go!!

Gonna try a new roll recipe tomorrow. We're going to a friends for dinner and were put in charge of the carbs. Supposedly they're "to die for", or so my MIL says. It calls for 8 cups of flour, so I have a feeling we'll be eating these death-worthy rolls for the next two weeks. If you don't hear from me in awhile, well, you know it was the rolls that took me. If they turn out good, I'll post the recipe for you.

Well, it's after 3 pm, and I haven't showered yet. And I've been to the store twice. Yikes. What a brave soul I am. Gotta go get clean!


Samantha said...

#1 -pornaments sound funny, as does the blur effect.
#2 - Your cake looks awesome.
#3- you have gotten me addicted, somewhat, to You mentioned it in a previous blog and now I read it almost every day. It's terrible and I read it.

Lara said...

Ditto. Another D-Listed Addict here. It's awful, and sick and wrong, and I check it at LEAST five times a day!

BTW--I am very in awe of your efforts for just a ward potluck! Your cake should be the hit of the night...I made a jello salad!