Monday, December 18, 2006

Drugs, drugs, drugs

Hello? Hello? Anybody still reading this thing?? Yes, I am alive. Yes, I am swamped with finals. I decided to pop in for a minute and destress before I head out to take my Pharmacology final. ZOINKS! I've studied all weekend for it, although I was suffering from MAJOR lack of desire to. I think I've got it all down though, and I really only need to get a 74% to get an A- in the class! So what's to worry about?? Getting a 102% on the last test really bumped up my average! I found out I got a 96% on the first final I took--so far, so good! After today, only two more, and then I can focus on 1) making Christmas cookies and 2) eating Christmas cookies. I haven't had time to do either! Nor have I had much time to run. I feel like a blob. Especially after 2 Christmas parties this weekend where I ate way too many foods on toothpicks.

Last night was the season finale of Survivor, but I couldn't watch it because I was studying. And now I can't read D-Listed, or listen to the radio, or anything that might spoil it for me. I bet Ozzy wins, though. Although I do hope Adam somehow managed to pull it out and win. I guess we'll see....

In case you've been waiting axiously, the rolls I made last week came out pretty good, even if the recipe did make about 5 dozen. We've been eating them constantly, and we still have a few left. The recipe is very poorly written, so as soon as I get a chance, I'll rewrite it and post it.

So Derrick ventured out all by his lonseome on Saturday to do some Christmas shopping for me. Should have been a walk in the park. He knows what I want, knows my sizes, knows everything. But he comes home frustrated and mad at ME b/c he didn't know what size to get me at this store, or at that store. Plus, he just doesn't like to go shopping alone (I love it), but heaven forbid he call up one of his dude friends and say "Hey, wanna go to the mall?" Ha.

Our Christmas tree is filling up with cards, and it's soooo pretty. I have to go pick up our cards today, and try and get started on them. I'm sure they won't make it until Christmas, but I don't feel like they have to. I'm OK with getting them by New Years. Plus, who wants all things Christmas-y to end on Christmas Day? I'll be the one sending cheer after Christmas! Anyway, if you want a card and don't think I have your address, give it to me and I'll send you one. Because we both know you want a picture of us to love and admire! ;)

Well, guess I should get ready to go....and get some last minute cramming in. Wish me luck!!!


SyXbiT said...

aside from the cookies, I'll give you another thing you should focus on after your finals.
oh wait, i can't tell you, cause i don't know what it is (it's a surprise :) )

Lara said...

Oh, goody! I was going to write that "C" is also for "COULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BLOG ALREADY???

;-) But I figured you were swamped with school. Good luck on your test!

Lara said...

ps that is HILARIOUS about Derrick. He and Chad need to go shopping together.