Monday, January 29, 2007

A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Am I just cold-hearted and unsensitive? Am I the only one who finds it crazy that Barbaro's euthenasia is on every channel's news? Is mine the only heart that remained untouched by "Barbaro's spirit and gentle eyes"? Or am I just a horse-race moron?

IT'S JUST A HORSE!!! Nobody made this much of a fuss when Tigger, my super-awesome, two-different-color-eyes, can dance on command and all-around cuddly kitty, got hit by a car! It's just not fair.


Lara said...

I suppose if "Tigger" had won the Kentucky Derby, a lot of people would have cried over him.

I think it's just a sad story--such a powerful, spirited animal, at the top of his game, and then disaster strikes, and he fights and fights and fights to survive, only to lose the battle in the end.

Pretty tragic if you ask me.

Samantha said...

Right but did your kitty race other kitties and win and then have a tragic accident?

ps I don't care about the horse racing thing either...I don't even know who this horse is.