Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm almost done with my first week back at school. Pretty easy week, too bad it won't always be like that. Tuesday and Wednesday we just had meetings in the morning, and tonite my group met at Froedtert for some orientation and touring of our unit. It's gonna be pretty sweet. We will have one patient to start with and we will have complete responsibility for that patient. Baths, meds, charting, you name it. Kind of intimidating, but I just have to remind myself that I'm a pretty smart cookie, and if I have any questions, our instructor will be there. I just hope I don't kill anyone. Tomorrow is my only in-class day. Leadership/management and community aggreggates. Yippee. Fun day.

Did you hear about the Powerball Jackpot last night? It was up to $240 MILLION dollars. And me, wanting $240 million, tried to get it. I bought 4 Powerball tickets, and lost 4 times. So sad. I did match one number on two of them, though. I picked two of my own, and I did two computer picks. This was my first time playing the Lotto, and the girl helping me was very nice. I greatly enjoyed playing, and am confident that if I lived in a trailer home and had 3 teeth, I would put in extra shifts at the Piggly Wiggly so I could afford to play more. Of course, that's the gambler in my talking. Good thing I can't afford to gamble more, because I LOVE IT!!!!

It was insanely freezing today. After the walk from my car to the hospital, about a 5 minute walk, I could not feel my legs. Seriously. Granted, I was wearing scrubs, which is like wearing NOTHING AT ALL. I should make some sherpa-lined scrubs. Fashion AND function combined! Genius.

Props to my Ma, who entered our entire family, extended relatives included, into a raffle for a Tag Heuer watch at Foxwoods in CT this past weekend. Well, apparently she WON and it was delivered to her house today. A $2,600 watch! She's never won anything before and was super excited about it. I reminded her that her favorite daughter's birthday was coming up, should she not know what to do with it. :) Guess you get lucky when you think of entering everyone else!!

My dear little husband has been hitting the gym hardcore lately. He has put on a few pounds, as have I, and we need to get rid of them. I didn't realize how bad his situation was until today. Apparently, while he was at work this afternoon, he split his pants. RIGHT DOWN THE BUTT CRACK. He was lifting a box and RIIIIIIIIP!! I thought things like that only happened in the movies!! I was dying laughing. So was his office. I wish I had been there. He said he tried to safety pin them them together but couldn't reach. And who else is going to help him??? How would that look? I took a picture of the pants, which I am too lazy to post right now. Look for them soon, though.

Well, off to bed! Tomorrow's Friday! Finally!


Samantha said...

Hey, you made me laugh out loud with that pants ripping story!

jasongard said...

I literally just spit water all over my desk. There has got to be an extra pair of young mens pants laying around that office somewhere.

Lara said...


I haven't ever actually heard of that REALLY happening to someone. Are you sure it was just a "few" pounds??