Monday, January 22, 2007

Daaaa Bulls

This weekend our friends Scott and Jason flew in for the weekend. Actually, I take that back. They flew in for about 20 hours. Why? To see the Jazz take on the Bulls Saturday night, of course! Keeping to traditional Scott/Jason/Derrick-trip form, the day consisted of two things, and two things only: food and sports. Luckily for me, I love food.

The both flew in around noon on Saturday. We checked into the hotel and headed to Schaumburg where we had reservations at Wildfire at 3. It was only 1:30ish at this point but we were all starving so we went early. Since it was lunchtime, they didn't have the sweet potatoes ready that I had been CRAVING ALL WEEK. They also overcooked all of our steaks which was a bit of a bummer, but they were still good. I got the triple filet with baked potato, parmesean, and blue cheese crusts. Sooooo good. We got a dessert sampler which was awesome, too.

Being fully stuffed, we headed back to the hotel and took the train downtown. By the way, it was absolutely FREEZING, and the wind was brutal. Terrible. We walked around State street for awhile, and I even got to go to Old Navy and Macy's and Lush for a minute or two, before hopping a bus to the United Center. I don't think the guys were too thrilled with that, though.

Our tickets were at willcall, and we were skeptical that they would even be there. We got them though, and headed inside to check out our seats (and warm up!) We were in row B, which seemed odd to us, as we were walking down the aisle and all the rows were numbered. We soon realized we had floor seats--courtside!!! Score! Right on center court. It was awesome. Check out the view from our seats:

Sweet, huh? We watched the game, which is a completely different game that close. You could hear them talking and everything. You could also SMELL them, which was not so cool. They REEKED. The Jazz won 95-85, which made the boys happy. Here are some more pics:

After the game we took the bus to the Hancock Building and ate at The Cheesecake Factory. We were still stuffed from not only lunch, but the pretzels and nachos and Mt. Dew at the game, so we only got a Spicy Cashew Chicken and some popcorn shrimp. Still very good though, and I think it satisfied Scott's craving.

We finally left the CCF at around midnight and headed to the train station. We were all super tired and Scoot really wanted to get a taxi. But we resisted and stuck with the Blue Line. Which turned out to be a great idea, since the train got stuck only twice and it only took us 2 hours to get back to our hotel. What a joke! It made it worth it though to watch this guy across from us. He was sleeping, and I seriously think he got dressed, but his backpack on, and got off the train completely asleep. At one point he got up and leaned over the seats and started to rock like a see-saw. The girl sitting in the seats in front of those seats slid over and tried not to laugh or look at him. I took some video of him. Quite hilarious. If he wasn't asleep, he was def on some kind of drug.

Now it's back to the real world. I ran tons of errands today, and feel quite productive. School starts back up tomorrow, so I'm trying to tell myself I'm ready for it. We have an info session tomorrow at 8, and then we'll find out when clinicals actually start. I really hope this semester goes by fast!!


Lara said...

Hey, I LIKE the facial hair. Derrick looks good!

It's been way too long since we've seen you guys. It seems like we live a thousand miles away!

I can imagine you smelled them and HEARD their curses too! BBall players have FOUL mouths. At least at the games I have been to!

Lara said...

PS, good luck with school starting up!

Samantha said...

Sweet tickets! I don't even care about the Bulls anymore though b/c the Dream Team isn't in force anymore. And...I'm not really a sports person. I should know about the bears though right? Aren't they good now or something?

Those guys definitely don't look thrilled to have pics taken of them.

Sounds like a fun day. You know I've never eaten at the Cheesecake factory? From all your blogs about trips to Chicago though, I'm glad to see it will be easy for you to take a trip down to visit us when we come home, and we can all go to Cheesecake factory? We'll be back the beginning of May, so I'll be gigantic and pregnant, and it won't be so cold anymore! I'm looking forward to a trip downtown.

My mom is planning a baby shower on the first saturday of June. Let me know if there's any way you could be in Chicago - you could spend the night at my parents' house! (Like how I volunteer them?) I'd love to see you! You don't even need to buy me TONS of things. Only like one thing. Or else you can't stay with me at my parents' house.

How many semesters do you have to go?