Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wardrobe Malfunction

This morning I had trouble with the zipper on my skirt. It's a side zipper. I finally got it to zip, no biggie, headed to work. Went to the bathroom, noticed the zipper was wonky, so I tried to fix it. It's one of those situations where the zipper is at the top but the middle part of the zipper separated. I couldn't fix it, and now I have this gaping hole on my hip and you can see my underwear and my fishnets. Cute, huh. Luckily, I don't have much walking around to do here, and my sweater is long enough so that it barely covers it. What a disaster.

You'll never guess where I went yesterday on my lunch break. Old Navy!! Gasp! Felt like I haven't been there in ages. What? It was just Monday? Oh....Anyway, all their clearance is 50% off too, so of course I got some more. I could NOT pass up ONE DOLLAR tanks and long sleeve tops. ONE DOLLAR!!! Actually, NINETY-SEVEN CENTS! I got 3 shirts, 1 tank, 1 purse, 1 sweater for Derrick, boots, capris, and a sherpa lined denim jacket, all for the low, low price of $28. STILL have money left over on the gift card. Taking the sweater back b/c Derrick said he thinks he looks like an Oompa Loompa in it, and I couldn't really disagree. Just for fun I added up the original retail prices on everything and it totaled $229. Seriously, I should teach a class on bargain shopping or something. At least for Old Navy. Perhaps one day my taste (and budget) will mature enough and I won't shop there anymore. But for now I'm A-OK with it.

For years we have been refusing our friends' requests to play Settlers of Catan with them. No way are we playing that dorky game, we said. Well, we finally caved and played with our friends this past weekend. We only played two games, but we were hooked. LOTS of rules, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually pretty fun. We either need to buy it, or someone needs to invite us over to play again. HINT, HINT! ;)

Tonite I am going to dinner and a movie with some Kohl's friends. We used to do this all the time, but then it slowly stopped happening. They were always really fun, so I'm not sure why they stopped. Now, there's lots of new girls and nobody really knows each other so we plan more girl's night outs, but the new ones never come. No wonder nobody knows you. SHOW UP! You don't have kids...what is keeping you from coming to hang out with us? Maybe they love hanging out with only their husbands, 24 hours a day. Maybe they don't need other female interaction. Maybe they're just lame. I don't know. Some are busy, I know, but if you're not, why wouldn't you come?? In any case, I will be fully enjoying myself tonite as I eat Panera and watch The Pursuit of Happyness with my friends. Those other girls are just missing out!!

Back to work! Only one more day!! Hooray!

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