Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TV Time

Well, it's that time of year again. American Idol Time. A time where I dedicate 5 hours of my life every week to watching people who can't sing try and convince the American public that they can. Yet, I continue to watch, b/c if I want to be a part of any conversation I may be a part of in the next 5 months, I need to be in the know. Last night was the premiere, with auditions in Minneapolis. Heinous. You may recall the Urban Amish, The Juggler, and Apollo Creed. Crack Baby was the best of them all, and I hope she makes it through if only for the sole reason that I want to see what the hairdressers and makeup artists can do for her. Homegirl needs some help. Shakira will most likely be a favorite, despite the fact that her accent is thicker than molasses. Not that Simon cared, he would have boned down right then and there when he saw her. Jewel was a guest judge and was super nice to everyone. Paula was surprisingly "normal". Randy was Randy, and Simon was hilarious, like always. I hate that we have to go through these first few weeks to get to the top 24, but it's like a train wreck: I can't stop watching.

Other shows have started up as well. The Hills, (SOOOOO glad Jason is gone...I hate Heidi), The Apprentice: LA, (I know, I'm the only person watching it), and Derrick's favorite, The Real Housewives of Orange County, aka Laguna Beach for Adults. I haven't gotten into it as much as he has. I think he likes it b/c of all the fake boobs. He won't deny it either if you ask him.

My latest food obsession: tacos. Don't ask me why. We've been having Taco Tuesday at our house and I can't get enough. Hard shell. What a weird thing to obsess over. Maybe b/c my tacos are exceptionally good. But I doubt it. Not much to 'em. Anyway, I had 3 last night and could have eaten 5 more. Tonite we're having beef stew, the kind my mom use to make. I loved it growing up, but now I'm apprehensive now that I have the "recipe". Check this out: veggies, stew meat, and 2 packs of brown gravy with some water. Hmmm.....We'll see tonite, I guess. It's crock potting away at home.

Old band coming back for more and better than ever: Incubus. Loved these guys when they came out with "Drive". Went and got 2 of their CD's, loved those. Now their new one, Light Grenades, is fabulous too. Check out "Dig" and "Anna Molly", which comes out sounding like "anomaly", talking about the perfect girl. Clever, eh?

Joke of the day, courtesty of my friend Jessica, who is in dental school.
Q: What do you get the World's Best Dentist?
A: A little plaque!


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Lara said...

Train wreck is right. But you HAVE to watch!
Although it begs the question: are some of these people really so deluded that they *think* they are Idol material? I personally think they know they suck rocks and they just want to get on a TV show. It's the ones who really try and really suck who break my heart.

Oh, and you and my Hubby watch The Apprentice. I don't. But he loves it. Personally, I think he's mesmerized by the Combover...