Monday, February 12, 2007

Solo again

So it snowed last night. Blech. Luckily, not too much, and even better, it's not TOO cold out.

Derrick left for Las Vegas today. So sad. His flight was delayed 3 hours due to mechanical problems (which always freaks me out) and got a voucher, so that's cool. He doesn't come home until Thursday, so I'm flying solo until then. An ideal time to get a lot of homework done. Now I just have to act on that idea. If I can get past my bitterness that Derrick is in Fabulous Las Vegas and I'm not. I'm insanely jealous.

Tomorrow instead of working on our normal floor I get to spend the day in the OR and observe all the surgeries that are scheduled for the day. I'm super excited. I hope I get to see some cool surgeries. The only thing I'm nervous about it how cold it is in the OR. I'm always cold normally, so to spend the day in there where it's even colder will suck! Although they did say if we get too cold we can ask the nurse for a heated blanket. But how wussy would that look?!

I've been planning on making valentine cookies for Wednesday all week. I'm all ready to make them today and I realize I don't have a heart-shaped cookie cutter!! Foiled! I went to Wal-Mart and they didn't have any either!! Looks like my task tomorrow will be to find one somewhere. I'm hoping Michael's or JoAnn's will have one. Or maybe Target. Hmmm...

I'm slightly concerned about my right knee. Saturday afer I finished running (3 miles in under 30 minutes...go me!) I was stretching and all of a sudden my knee started to KILL. It didn't hurt while running, only after. I couldn't walk, I couldn't bend it. I couldn't go up or down stairs. It's much much better now, but now I'm scared to run on it. Any ideas/suggestions?? I hope I'm not killing myself!!

I'd like to go to bed, but my sheets are currently in the dryer. So I have to wait. I do have another set, but they're like 250 count, and I refuse to sleep on them. Sounds very diva-ish, huh. Well, I don't care, they're like sandpaper. We had another nice set up until like 2 weeks ago when a huge hold ripped in them. When Derrick sleeps, he somehow creates these loooong wrinkles that run the length of the bed on his side. It's sooo bizarre. It looks like an accordion on his side of the bed. Well, I guess all those wrinkles finally weakened the fabric, because when I pulled them off the bed they ripped right down the length of one of the creases. So weird. He's ruining our sheets! I honestly don't know how he does it, either. I should take a picture of our bed. My side is nice and smooth. His is all wonky.

And courtesy of my friend Ryan:

What kind of shorts to clouds wear??



Lara said...

My hubby is in Vegas, too. (He flew from NYC to MILWAUKEE and to Vegas in the same day.) That is so messed up. He'll be back Thursday, and we're going to the Dells!

ps--about your "syrup" hunt--isn't there still a Piggly Wiggly on Pilgrim and Main? (In Menomonee) Much closer than Cedarburg, I'd imagine...

Karen said...

Sadly, that Pig is no longer open. :(

Samantha said...

I hope you found your cookie cutters!

And if that knee problem happened to me (which it wouldn't b/c I don't run), I would be asking you, the nurse in training!

Speaking of being in the OR, that's crazy. That's so gorey and awesome. Take pictures. Ha.

People from FL hate the cold more than anyone I've ever met!

I once had some egyptian cotton sheets and fell in love. One day I want more.

I hope you have a decent week w/o Derrick. That would be so hard! It's crazy how your spouse becomes like, your arm, but the arm you really really like a lot and want to hang out with all the time, huh?