Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pink and red day

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I'm sure I love each of you in some way. Whether it's in a "you're-family-so-I-HAVE-to-love-you" way, or "you-made-me-laugh-one-day-when-I-was-sad" way, or "you-make-better-cookies-than-I-ever-will" way. I love you all!

Derrick called this morning to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. Probably the only time I'll talk to him today, since I guess he's going to this star-studded party tonite while he's in Vegas. Lucky!! He said he looked into sending me flowers today but it was too expensive. So intead, he has a super secret surprise planned for Saturday night. Yay!! I have no idea what it is, but I like to pretend like I do. I've already guess the zoo, Bucks game, dinner but that's not it. Guess I'll just have to wait!!!

I finally found a heart cookie cutter last night at Michael's last night. Talk about waiting until the last minute! I made about 3 dozen sugar cookies and iced them with red almond icing. They are verrrry cute. Everyone at work loved them. Of course they did. Oh, and by work, I mean clinicals. It feels like work, (minus the paycheck), and really it's the easiest way to describe it. So don't go getting confused thinking I actually got a job or anything. Yeah right!

Yesterday I spent the day in the OR, which was awesome. I saw a total hip replacement and a total knee replacement--not on the same patient. It was quite barbaric, with all the drilling and pounding and cutting. When they did the hip, they had to dislocate the femur from the hip socket, and they pulled her leg across her body and turned her foot up and you heard this huge "SCHLEP POP!" sound when it popped out. It was very loud, and it's good I had a mask on b/c my jaw was wide open. Actually, it was open most of the day. Thank heavens for the mask. It was freezing in the OR, and now I have a cold. Hooray. I've been popping the DayQuill and AirBorne, and I think I'm fighting it off, I just need to sleep more.

Well, I should get some homework done before I head out to babysit for my friends! If I can't go out tonite, at least I can help someone else go out!

Hope everyone gets lucky tonite, whatever that means to you! ;)

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Samantha said...

I want more yucky OR stories. I can't believe you are going to get into that field!

Why is it that they have to keep ORs so cold?