Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm a sinner. But at least I know it.

I know for a fact God is punishing me. How do I know this? Let me explain. Last year I did not enter any competitive (read:paid) March Madness pool. I was very sad. But righteous...I guess. I had Florida winning it all (like always) and I won our dinky, bragging-rights-only pool. And it left me thinking, if only I had entered a paid pool....So this year, I did. Only $10, nothing extravagant. Still have Florida winning. And where do I stand? DEAD LAST. BY A MILE. No joke. It's very pathetic, but more embarassing. I feel bad for Derrick, whose coworkers see this list and "Karen Callister" at the bottom and are thinking, "Wow, Derrick's wife is such a loser!" I knew I should have entered as "Britney Spears"! It really is a good thing I don't have tons of extra cash to throw around, because I'd be a gambling addict, no doubt about it. Speaking of...who's up for a Texas Hold 'Em night? Serious. I need to play some poker soon. Any takers?

I love Easter because I love hard boiled eggs. Yes, I'm aware hard boiled eggs exist year round. But for some reason it never occurs to me to make them at any time other than Easter. I really wanted some the other night so I made 6 or so and have been munching on them all week. Great snacks! I just have to be careful not to have a repeat performance of the last time I craved them. Maybe a year ago, I made some for us to eat, and I ate about 4 (low estimate) at once. Like within 3 minutes. Let's just say I didn't see those eggs, or anything else I ate, for like 5 days. It was horrible. Who knew hard boiled eggs could cause so much pain and sickness and CONSTIPATION??? More than you wanted to know, I'm sure. Let my mistake be a lesson to you all. Anyway, I need to pace myself, or I'm on the fastrack to another egg-splosion!

Yesterday it was 80 degrees. No joke. I had lunch with some girls from church (ok, they were around my age, but "ladies" just sounds so frumpy, and I don't ever want to be called a "lady", unless it's because I'm royalty) and right after I left I headed straight to Wal-Mart and bought 2 chaise lounges. One pink, one blue. I'll let you guess who got which one. They are the classic chairs from the 80's made out of that sticky plastic tubing and aluminum pipes. LOVE THEM! I sat outside and (tried to) read, but mostly slept and enjoyed the incredible weather. 80 degrees in March in WIsconsin is like finding a $20 bill in an old purse. Super exciting and unexpected and gone before you know it.

So I realized that the half marathon is quickly creeping upon me, and I must start to get serious. So I ran 5 miles on Saturday. Am I amazing or what? Now if I can just keep on schedule I'll be good to go. Not entirely sure if Derrick is still going to run it with me...He's up to running a mile without stopping now. Haha. We'll see....He may just have to be my biggest fan and cheerleader.

Know what's yummy? Crystal Light's Cherry Pomegranite with Immunity. I love those little skinny packets-perfect for water bottles. The Fruit Punch is delicious as well. Great way to get your water!

I need a nap. And I'm going to take one!


josiejean said...

i'll bring the poker chips if you find me a babysitter. i'll even pay your buy-in. just get me out of this house!!!

ARL said...

Hey Lady (ha, ha)...ummm, Lady Callister. Anyways, I think my brother was impressed that I got to go to the Worthington household. He called me to converse on that very topic. Derrick has a big mouth (j/k).

Samantha said...

I like how you find so many little delights in life. It's nice.

I like pomegranate stuff.

You should post pictures of your apartment! I want to see it!

I watched this season's american idol tonight for the first time. Sanjaya's voice isn't BAD but he's just...blah. And the bigger dude...ok, a few of the people actually...are you really telling me that they couldn't find ANYONE ELSE in America with a better voice? I'm pretty sure I know at least 5 people who are better.

I liked some of the girls aiiiight but I really liked that one dude who sang "every breath you take." What's his name? Is it phil? He's bald? Anyway he was my favorite, which means he won't win.

I watch dancing with the stars with my mom now. Once you get over the initial cheesiness of it all, it's enjoyable. Family bonding at least.

Ryan, Miriam, and Sadie Kay said...

You're doing a half marathon huh?! Very exciting. When is it! I'm trying to work on getting Ryan to run just a 5k race with me. Pretty sad it takes so much convincing for that.

Your Favorite Person said...

You know I'm in....