Friday, March 23, 2007

Lead legs

So Derrick is on this 4 week diet blitz until we go to Florida. I'm joining him (sort of). He's hard core though, no snacks, sweets, soda, anything. I figure I work out so I CAN have a treat every now and then! We are working out almost every day though, so I should see faster results than I was seeing. Anyway, I've been doing lunges the past 2 nights, and I can hardly walk today. I like it when my muscles hurt, but it sucks at the same time. He got his office to join him and they are having a Biggest Loser type of competition--most % weight lost wins. Weigh in is April 19th, the day before we leave. We'll see who wins!

I've been obsessed with Mika lately, mostly the song "Grace Kelly". So fabulous. I downloaded more of his stuff the other night and haven't stopped listening to it since. "Big Girl (You are beautiful)" is good too, as well as "Ring, Ring". All good workout songs, too. Check it out!

You know what else I love?? Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies. I think they're new this year. Shortbread with lemon icing. Yum yum. I just had one for my midmorning snack. Now all I need is one of those waterproof pads to lay out under my desk and I'm all set for a nap!

I was supposed to go out with friends dancing last night but every single person bailed. LAME! Turns out, it was the RS Dessert Night at CCF so I decided to go to that instead. It was....interesting. Luckily there were a couple girls around my age so I talked to them most of the time. These things are usually on Thursday nights when I have clinical, so it was my first. I won't mind missing these from now on. Just sucks, b/c everything else they plan is during the day or kid oriented so I can't go. Oh well.

I love Easter time. Why? Cadbury Mini Eggs. Best Easter candy ever. Dainty cripsy shell with the best chocolate on the inside. They have dark eggs this year, too. Haven't tried those yet...but it's only a matter of time!

Well, my morning break is officially over. I didn't get my nap. :(

(Is it just this computer at work that doesn't show the pictures in the last post??? They worked at home....)


Lara said...

Re the Cadbury mini eggs--snap them up fast because they're the first to go! (I bought my two bags a month ago--not kidding!)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who LOVES those things!

josiejean said...

i hope it wasn't me who turned you off to dessert night...i enjoyed ripping on the housewives with you. hopefully there is another season in the works, but i'm not holding my breath!