Saturday, May 12, 2007

A week ending weakly

What a busy week! Wednesday was my LAST day of clinicals!!! Yay! It all ended with a flourish with projectile vomiting and a leaking catheter bag. Yummy. Wednesday afternoon I went to the Farmer's Market in Menomonee Falls with some girls in my complex and got a basil and cilantro plant and some rhubarb and some mushrooms. I replanted the herbs into bigger pots and hope that the 2 minutes of sun that our patio gets will do them some good. I also planted some flat leaf parsley. We'll see how they do! After the Farmer's Market we went to this Mexican grocery store on the southside, El Rey. It was awesome! Super cheap produce, tons of ethnic products. I got chorizo, jalepenos, tortillas, Manzanita Sol (yummy apple soda!), key limes and TONS of other stuff. All for like 12 bucks. NO JOKE. Check out everything I got:

Wednesday night was the Nursing Honor Society Induction. It was a pretty cheesy event, with a cheesy power point presentation. I got my honor cords though, which is really all I cared about.

Thursday I spent the day baking. I used the key limes I bought and made a key lime pie. It wasn't at tart as I like it, but it looked really good.

I didn't really like the meringue, and when it was in the fridge overnight it sorta shrank and got all gooey. So I pulled it off. It's much better without it. I also made these Strawberry Rhubarb Bars, which are DELICIOUS. I'd never made anything with rhubarb before, so I was nervous, but now I think I'm addicted. Yum yum.

Thursday night was the RS dessert night at Uno's. You may remember that I attended one a couple months ago and had sort of an "eh" experience. This one was better. I'm not sure why, it was pretty much the same group, but it was actually fun. Although I do feel the group was sorta segregated old/young. Maybe that had something to do with it!

After I came home from Uno's Lindsey called me and said a bunch of people were headed to Leff's to celebrate the end of clinicals. So I met them down there and hung out for awhile. We all decided to go to George Webb's, which I was happy about since I've never been there. Turns out I wasn't missing much, not that I was expecting a lot, but it was still fun. Oh, and they have chicken-flavored soup. Not chicken noodle soup, but chicken flavored soup. Classic.

Friday Lindsey came over to study for our midterm and then I broke out the sewing machine. I had bought some fabric and a pattern the day before and set out to make something. It took me a few hours, and I think it really should have only taken 1. But it was my first time and I had lots to learn. The sewing machine I was using was sorta jacked, and started screwing up at the end. I was getting really frustrated. But I finished it! Behold! The finished product! A purse!

Yes, I realize the handles are as big as the bag. They fit over my head, actually. But still, respectable for a first try, no?

Today I went to Samantha's baby shower down in Chicago. It took me two hours to get there, and I was super tired, but it was really good to see her. She's a cute pregnant girl, and got tons of cute gifts!

I got her a nursing cover a la Miriam. They are adorable and very well made. You should check out her etsy site! Too cute! Samantha loved it (she said), and I hope she gets a lot of use out of it.

Today I was scheduled to run 9 miles. So we went to the high school next to ours and I started to run laps. I was hating it. It was so windy. Cold. I was miserable. I stopped after 2 miles. I decided I really have no desire to run 13.1 miles. None whatsoever. I had a ton of fun running 5, and I think I could run a 10K, but 13.1? No thanks. So, there you have it. I'm throwing in the towel. Yes, I know. I am a quitter. And I'm OK with that. I will continue to run regularly, and I will run 5 and 10K's when they come up, and maybe one day I'll find the motivation to run for two and a half hours.

Ok....long enough I think. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Tomorrow I'm making all of my unborn children make me breakfast and do all the dishes.

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Samantha said...

Me and my awful hair and wonky face made your blog! Yay! Thanks so much for coming down. I wish we could have just hung out for a day though. And I really do love your gifts. No one can believe you made that sweater - it's perfect, honestly, I love it. She'll wear it even if she only fits in it in July.