Sunday, June 17, 2007

Actually, it's NOT okay

I've noticed something within the past few days. Something that I know is said out of common courtesy, but is usually most always a lie. At least, with me it is. The phrase? "It's okay," or, "Don't worry about it," or, "No problem." Usually said after someone apologizes for keeping you waiting, or stepping on your foot, or flaking out on you. Maybe people only do those things to me, but I always wind up saying, "Oh, it's okay!" like I'm some really nice, ever forgiving person, when deep down I'm like, "I hate you for being late" or "It's totally lame that you flaked out on me at the last minute" or "My toe is KILLING me and you don't even care." In the long run, it really doesn't matter, but in the moment, I really am bothered by it, but it's instinctual to just brush it off like it's no biggie. I don't really have a solution to this, although I'm sure Dear Abby would tell me something along the lines of: "Next time your friend is late to meet you, approach her and say, 'I don't appreciate your being late all the time. I feel like you don't value my time or my friendship. If you are going to be late next time, I please call and let me know." Or something lame like that. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Anyway, just something I wanted to gripe about.

Today was spent swimming, getting sun, napping, and a trip to the temple. It was actually pretty neat to go down to Chicago b/c we got to hear the cicadas, which are making their every-17th-year appearance. What was weird though, was that they were crazy loud before we went into the temple, and when we came out, they weren't to be heard at all. Sam....any explanations??

I have crazy allergy-head right now, so I think I'll head to bed. In the meantime, Derrick will be in NYC this coming week, and I'll be a singleton. Anyone want to go see In the Land of Women (are movies italicized?? I have no idea) at the dollar theater with me this week??? I'll go alone, no problems there, but hey, always nice to have a buddy.


amy said...

I'm always bothered by us (women, people generally) always saying "thanks" at the end of every question, answer, request, command, etc...most of the time it is completely unnecessary if not completely inappropriate. (particularly in the work place)

I'm in singlemomhood this week. Let me know what you think of the movie...I saw it back when it first came out.

Samantha said...

Next time you guys go to the temple let me know. We could meet you there or for lunch nearby or something.

I was just thinking about the "it's OK" thing. I was eating out with some friends and we asked the waitress for water and she didn't come with it for... a long time. We finally got her attention, and asked for waters, and she was like, "Oh yeah, sorry" and I immediately said "it's OK" when it totally wasn't OK with me. Habit. Me and my friend even commented that we have both apologized to inanimate objects for running into them.

Cicadas are so crazy dumb. Did you see them floppin around and hitting stuff in an attempt to fly? Dumb. We've noticed they get really loud during the day - I mean they are quiet in the morning (relatively) and then at like 10 am they all swell in their noise. And their noise comes in waves - like breathing or something. They're all way loud for a second, then quiet, and on and on. If it rains, they get silent during the rain, and they are silent at night too. ??