Friday, June 15, 2007

Did you miss me? I missed me.

I've had blogging withdrawals. No seizures, but definitely mild shakes. Not having internet access at work is killing me. Although I do have to admit I get a lot done. Ha.

Let's see....

Wednesday I went to Blockbuster and rented Fast Food Nation. I watched it that night. It was interesting to see how they turned it into a movie. It was pretty good, lots of stars in it. I liked it. For some reason this whole FFN experience has made me feel like I am faced with two decisions: eat meat, or don't eat meat. I don't really know why my mind has interpreted it as such. But it has. And I was rather perplexed by this. After watching the movie, and actually seeing cattle go through the whole butchering process, I can't say I really agree with it. But dangit, I just love steak so much! So I've come to a compromise in my mind: when faced with the option, I will try to buy organic and/or cruelty-free (well, as cruelty-free as possible) products. I am not going to do anything radical like refuse to eat at restaurants or buy from certain stores. In fact, I didn't think about it once while I ate my Butterburger at Culver's tonite. How easily I forget...haha. Still, I'll feel like I'm doing my part by supporting industries that actually care about the land and the animals.

Thursday I had visiting teaching appointments, which inevitably take up a huge chunk of the night. For some reason, visits take an exceptionally long time here in Wisconsin compared to other places I've lived. Maybe it's because the only other place I've actually done VT is in Provo, and who wants to spend long amounts of time in other poor married couple's ghetto apartment, when you can spend time in your own ghetto apartment? I don't really mind going, because I like the people I see (for the most part. Luckily I have Amy on my route, so it's just like going to hang out with a friend). When it comes to churchy things, I have to be careful what I say. You know what I mean. And our ward has a large number of bloggers, and I'm sure word gets around. Anyway, my problem with PM VT is I don't get to eat until like 9:30 at night, so instead of thinking of ways I can inspire and be a friend to the ladies, I'm thinking of when I get to put something edible in my mouth. When I'm hungry, that's all I can think about. I get pretty grouchy, and my only thoughts are how I'm going to eat. That's why I always have snacks in my purse. Granola bar, fruit snacks, baggies of cheerios. Ok, just kidding about the cheerios. A gal can't be too prepared.

Did you hear that Mr. Wizard died? So sad. I remember watching him before I had to catch the bus for school. What is even sadder is that when I told this to Derrick, he said, "Mr. Who???" Poor, deprived child. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what they did growing up.

We went to our stake's summer play production tonite, The King and I. Our friend Cassidy played the lead, Anna, and was fabulous. She has a great voice, and in all honestly, made the play. Everything else was....a church play. There was an orchestra, which I was sad not to be a part of, until I heard them. Then I was glad I was not a part of it. Dude, I am so rude. Oh well. It was still fun to watch though, especially the kids, who would look out into the audience and make faces.

Confession: I cried a little when Bob Barker said his farewell today, which was his last episode of The Price is Right. Really, you never think it will ever end, but it does. It will never, ever be the same, and really, they should just end the show altogether. End it on a good note. Just my two cents.

I'm hungry. Can't blog anymore.


Samantha said...

I don't even know what to say about church, it's crazy. I think most people feel how you do. But we all do it anyway...???

josiejean said...

VT is the worst. Just got assigned my 5th lady to visit. I sent an email to the coordinator saying I only want 3 at the most. I haven't heard back. Is that passive aggressive or what? She emails me expecting me to just do it and when I say no she avoids it all together.
p.s. i have no idea who Mr. Wizard is

Silvs said...

How do you people not know who Mr. Wizard is? Plus...I love that your posts are novels, because then I feel fine writing really long, drawn out stuff on my blog too. But I don't say that meaning that I don't like reading them. I got sensitive about this last night when at my friend's reception, an old friend was like...yeah, I jump on Chris's blog and I'm like...skim...skim...okay, interesting. I think in the end, it's more just for yourself anyway.

Karen said...

I heard that your 5th add on LIVES WITH ONE OF YOUR OTHERS!!! That's not an extra!!! Still only 4 appts, right??? (still, it's the principle of the thing, and i'd be pissed too. because there are people who need their 3rd before you get your 5th. funny that she didn't email you back, tho. not surprised.)

PS--what's with you people not knowing who Mr. Wizard is?? He's a scientific legend! An icon!