Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adam, Adam, Adam

Seriously, how is it I never noticed the hotness that is Adam Brody? I am obsessed now. I've looked at practically every picture online. I think my friend Lindsey has the seasons of The O.C. on DVD....must on the plane...on the way to The O.C.

It's not so much that's he's "hot". (Do people my age even say that??) He is just adorable. He was funny in the movie, which makes him even more likeable. I love him.


amy said...

i agree. after that movie, i came home and looked the guy up, too. what's rosie clown ditching out on your for?! what a punk! :)

Shannon Dickman said...

You are hilarious! It's fun to finally catch up again! You have to post a pic of your new hair cut!

miss you - and I meant to email back about Denver. Yes- come stay with us!!! I will email you in case you don't get this!

later chica,

josiejean said...

take it back amy - take it back.