Monday, June 25, 2007


Well, we made it to the beach. The weather is beautiful today, and I just ran to the other pier and back...and stopped by the library to check my email and catch up on blogs. I am pretty sure I absolutely REEK and the people on either side of me are holding their breath. Sorry kids!

Yesterday we went to the Orange County Swap meet, where we got the usual deoderants and shampoo and razors, and I finally found a watch, so now I know what time it is again.

The rest of the day is panning out to look like: lay on beach. eat. lay on beach. shower. eat. play games. eat. Whew, that can wear a girl out!

I started watching The O.C. on the plane to LA. So far I've watched the first 5 episodes. I was addicted before the first one was even over. I had no idea that Adam Brody plays an outcastish type character. Still, love him. He's adorable. So hot. Want to touch the hiney!

Later folks!


josiejean said...

Yo, are you going to look up marigold while you're there?

josiejean said...

or maybe silvs!!!

StarrySaltwaterRose said...

Hope you have a great trip!

And don't worry, I know Mormons don't practice polygamy. It's so funny, actually, that you mention it, because I'm always telling people that Mormons aren't like Big Love. =)

I always did wonder what you thought of the show...

Samantha said...

Have a fun vacation! You and your vacations every other week. The rest of the world is jealous.