Thursday, June 28, 2007

Too fast, too furious.

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Time flies when you're at the beach! Tuesday night we went to the Angels game, which was a lot of fun. Third row on the third base line. Can't beat those seats. Too bad they lost. It's been a relatively low-drama week thus far. But, the week is not over. Who knows what will conspire. We ate at Ruby's yesterday...delish. And Kura Sushi the day before. Now all that's left to hit up is BJ's and I think we've fulfilled our meal checklist. Tonite we're headed up to Valencia for Eric and Kim's rehearsal dinner. Should be pretty good. Too bad we have to leave at like 2 to get there at 4 to wait around for 2 hours all in the name of avoiding socal traffic. Yuck.

My tan is progressing nicely, and I haven't burned yet. It's awesome. I know you're jealous of my latin blood and easily tanned complexion.

My new pink glove has gotten lots of use. I love it.

I watch at least 2 episode of The O.C. every night before I go to bed.

Natural Cheetos are addicting. So are Cactus Coolers.

Earplugs really are the saving grace of this trip.

Tomorrow's the last night here...come on down if you're in the area...906 E. Oceanfront. The more the merrier! Marigold, Silvs, I'm looking at you!


Silvs said...

I'm not jealous of nothing. I also got the latin blood, easy tan thing going on. Season 1 & 2 of OC, great. Season 3...not so much. Cactus Cooler is wonderful. I was actually in the neighborhood, but it felt weird to visit someone I'm best friends with in blogging, but don't know in real life. But that area is fun. Fun little shops and things there. I hope you had bike-rides-a-plenty on the boardwalk there. I'm sure California will miss you.

Bodilly said...

Cactus Cooler's are the best.

Karen said...

That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard. Whoever you consulted with to reach that decision should be shot.

You should have just come. Boo.

Silvs said...

Duly noted. Next year I'll visit for sure. Plus, you've won over Dave and Caitlin and we have talked about how cool you are and so I think they would be down to visit you too. We'll be real life friends yet!