Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever

After reading about how everyone else went strawberry picking, and me, having wanted to do it for ages, but we're always in LA when the picking is ripe, decided once and for all that I was going. So yesterday, I went. The picking was, well, slim, but I did manage to get about 7 or so pounds of mostly small and overripe berries. But since they were picked with jam in mind, I figured it didn't really matter.

So last night, Derrick and I made jam. I have always LOVED freezer jam, and now I know why. There's TWICE as much sugar as there are strawberries!!! Yikes! We decided that what good is fresh jam without fresh bread? So we made homemade rolls. YUM. There was a lot of strawberry mush left over, and thought about what we could use it for, and we decided angel food cake, of course! We were in the kitchen ALL NIGHT. Dirtied almost every bowl and dish. But it was fun, and now we are stuffing ourselves with rolls, jam, and cake. Delightful. Anyway, do you know how much jam 7 pounds of berries makes? A TON.

Yes, that is 3 LARGE mason jars, and NINE small zip lock containers. If you would like jam, PLEASE ASK!!!

I am not working yet, but wish I were. In the meantime I have run errands and done stuff around the house. When we got home on Sunday we unpacked EVERYTHING and put it all away, which we never usually do. It's soooo much better to do it right away, but I'm sure you already knew that. I've already finished ALL the laundry, which never usually happens either, and I know this b/c we never have enough hangers when it's all done. Ha.

Last week I was looking at my wedding ring and noticed that my diamond was loose. Great. So I took it in today to have it fixed. In the meantime I have this gigantic fake replacement that I've been wearing. I've gotten tons of compliments on it. I always tell them it's a fake, but maybe I shouldn't.

Speaking of weddings, we went to one on Saturday for Derrick's best friend in high school and his high school girlfriend. Ha. Funny situation. He goes on his mission, and the friend swoops in. It was a nice wedding. Lots of dancing. It was fun.

They handed out props for different songs...hence the sombrero. We kept that bad boy. Oh yeah.

It's nice to be home, but I do miss the California weather. When we got back it was in the 60s. Welcome to July. Tonite are the 4th of July fireworks downtown. But it's not the 4th you say?? Welcome to Wisconsin. They also do not believe in trick or treating on October 31st either? Nope, Sunday closest to Halloween instead. Bunch of communists.


Samantha said...

Yeah, this weather is a lot cooler than it usually is this time of year. And people around here are going nuts with fireworks the night BEFORE the 4th. Crazies.

Silvs said...

You are rockin' that beach tan. Good work. You made that comment about Dave and Caitlin and now they want to meet you too. Blogging...bringing people together. Seriously...so communist to not celebrate Independence Day on Indepedence Day. And trick or treating not on Halloween? I'm grossed out even thinking about that. What do mormon kids do? So tragic on so many levels...