Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm grumpy. Annoyed. Ticked. Miffed. Whatever you want to call it. I made plans with my friend to go see Disturbia tonite at the dollar theater. Somehow it ended up that she and her fiancee' are now at the movies, and I'm at home. Long story, totatlly lame of her, and I'm left with nothing to do while Derrick's out at a vendor dinner at Carnivore, which I've been dying to try for months.

I hate being flaked on. HATE. I try really hard not to flake on anyone. Sure, I may be late, but I'll never flake on you. If anything, I hope people know that they can count on me. For anything. People that flake are one of the few things that really piss me off.

In order to cheer myself up, I went to a couple stores looking for napkin rings and white cloth napkins. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. Maybe I'm too picky. Not helping my grumpy situation. I finally find some rings at Target that I like. Then I'm hit with a revelation: I can make my OWN napkins! Why I never thought of this before is beyond me. I even have them all planned out, super cute and I don't even have to make hems. Bonus. Side note: In case you don't know, I love change. Any kind. As of late, I have become bored of my current kitchen decorations. And by decorations, I mean pot holders. For the past 4 years my kitchen has been decorated (slightly) in cherries. I do love cherries, and loved them while they lasted. But lately I have come to realize that when it comes to decorating a kitchen, one has few options from which to choose: apples, cows, sunflowers, coffee. Bout it, right? I say to hell with themes. From now on, no more themes in my home. Not that I have many. Instead, color schemes. You can do so much more, am I right or am I right? I'm loving my new kitchen colors, aqua and black. I have a pretty sweet tablescape (thanks Sandra Lee) right now, and once I get those napkins, I'll post a pic. I know you'll be jealous. I'm jealous of myself, to be honest.

Wow, just talking about my super awesome new kitchen colors has already cheered me up. Time to watch more OC for further cheering.

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SyXbiT said...

i remember you flaking on me once.....back in dec. 2002 :)